You’ve been stowing suitcases wrong – airline shares best method to save space

Have you been stowing luggage wrong your whole life?

Failing to stack your bags properly in overhead lockers can prevent others from finding space for their carry-on.

This is particularly annoying for those who are forced to put their belongings in the hold instead.

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So to clear up any confusion, US carrier Unite Airlines showed how you should store your luggage.

In a viral TikTok video, they highlighted that it’s much more efficient to lie suitcases on their side.

The experts explained: “Overhead bins are equipped so you can put your suitcases in there upright like a taco, not flat like a hamburger.”

The travel hack has garnered more than four million views since it was posted on TikTok last year.

And many admitted they never knew about the suitcase tip.

One wrote: “Ugh I always do it wrong and then feel guilty afterwards.”

Another said: “This drives me crazy on flights. People believe the bins belong to them.”

And a third added: “This is actually very informative.”

Want to read about more travel hacks? We've got you covered.

Previously, a man shared his 'sneaky' airport trick to get higher luggage allowance without paying.

Meanwhile, a frequent flyer shared a top tip to bring liquids over 100ml without packing them in suitcases.


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