Yorkshire tops UK’s most haunted region – from phantom horses to headless women

Halloween is creeping closer and there are plenty of things to do from spooky theme park nights to staying in haunted cottages.

But, those who love to get in the spirit may be wondering where in the UK is most populated with ghosts and hauntings.

That way you can plan a spooky stay this October – and maybe even catch a glimpse from the other side.

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Well, PsychicWorld has uncovered which region in the UK has the strongest ghostly presence.

To do so they looked at a whopping 11,700 reports of spirit sightings for 59 counties around the nation using paranormal databases.

And, It seems that Yorkshire is the spookiest county in the UK with 797 paranormal sightings up to date – that’s a massive 302% higher than the UK average.

From headless women to scratching sounds, multiple paranormal activities fill the region with roaming spooky spirits.

It comes as no surprise to those who know the area as it’s littered with ancient cities, abbeys and cathedrals, misty moors and local folklores.

'The Original Ghost Walk of York‘ is known as one of the best spooky tours in England, attracting people around the world who love ghosts and dark history.

In second place was the capital city, London, with 701 sightings of ghostly happenings.

Home to the Red Lady, Highgate Vampire, Jack the Ripper, and even haunted pubs, London is never short of spooky places for you to visit during Halloween.

There are a number of walking tours in London that will make your skin crawl – from following the footsteps of serial killers to ghost tours.

And, you can always head to the London Dungeons to scare yourself silly.

Which, again makes sense, due to how many souls have tramped their way through the enormous city’s streets over the last 1,900 years or so.

Essex came in third place with 507 reports of paranormal activity to date.

The county is the home of numerous ghost stories set in the many historic buildings of the region, such as the Layer Marney Tower and Hadleigh castle.

Essex offers plenty to do at Halloween from pumpkin picking at Hatter’s farm to the Halloween spectacular at Mountfitchet Castle.

Next on the list was Sussex (438 sightings), Dorset (434 sightings) and Devon (418 sightings) respectively ranking in fourth, fifth and sixth.

The South West of England had a fairly large amount of hauntings in total as a region at 2,149, while Northern Ireland had just 139 sightings.

And, not all paranormal activity is the same as PsychicWorld found – the UK is home to varied scary ghosts!

It seems the most common form of ghost sighting in the Uk is phantom horses and rides – from carriages to riding figures.

Considering the many centuries of Brits who used horses for transport it makes sense that there have been 526 recordings of the haunting horsemen.

Legends of folklore were also common with 451 sightings of mysterious, mythical or extinct animals.

Fairies were the third most common with 380 sightings of the sometimes malevolent tiny figures.

And, in fourth was shucks and hell hounds – 374 people claim to have seen ghoulish pooches roaming the country.

Headless ghosts, women dressed in white, animal spirits, the devil and even guardians of hidden treasure have been recorded by ghost hunters in Britain.

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