WW3: Safest destinations in the world as tensions mount between China and India

Border disputes between China and India may spark concerns associated with the potential for World War 3. One expert has issued a concerning warning, suggesting that China wants “to teach India a lesson”.

Deputy director at The Asia Program, Michael Kugelman told Express.co.uk: “I think that right now each side has core demands that the other side is unlikely to give into.

“The Chinese side has long been demanding that India stop building these larger roads on its side of the border that China finds threatening because they allow India to have power.

“On the flip side, India has been demanding that China remove any of its forces that are in territories India considers its own.”

He added: “If you have more Chinese troops come into India to test India and to try and teach them a lesson, I think the next time that happens there is a strong likelihood that you wouldn’t just have the two sides punching and brawling with each other.”

In light of this, many people may wonder where in the world is safe from such tensions.

The good news is, there are some countries which are deemed some of the safest in the world due to their peaceful nature and relations with the rest of the planet.

Using factors such as “ongoing international and domestic conflict”, “societal safety and security” and “militarisation” the Global Peace Index orders world nations.

At the time of writing, there are ten countries which are highlighted thanks to their low rates of internal and external violent conflicts, level of distrust, political instability, the potential for terrorist acts, number of homicides and amount of military expenditures.

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Topping the list is Iceland, taking the crown as “the safest country in the world” for the 12th year running as of 2019.

The Nordic nation has a small population of around 340,000 and its low level of crime is associated with its high standard of living, small population, good societal attitudes and a lack of tension between economic classes.

The nation does not have its own military and police are unarmed.

Iceland is also a relatively free country n terms of sexual orientation, religion and equality.

It is followed closely by New Zealand, another country renowned for its peaceful lifestyle.

Similarly, its crime rate is low and it has a good rate of freedom for its citizens.

However, the country did see a decrease in its peaceful rating following the terror attack on two mosques in 2019.

In third place is Portugal which has made huge strides in recent years, having only ranked at number 18 just six years ago.

Now the nation is highlighted for its low crime rate due to an increased police presence.

Others nations on the list include Austria, Denmark, Canada, Singapore, Slovenia, Japan and the Czech Republic.

The UK, meanwhile, sits at number 44 on the Global Peace Index.

It ranks as the 26th most peaceful country in Europe.

This is partly due to its increased population size, as well as the nation’s ongoing Brexit negotiations.

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