World’s worst tourist attraction ‘smells like urine’ and ‘feels unsafe’

There are thousands of tourist attractions around the world that entice holidaymakers to explore – from ancient ruins to museums.

Some Brits even have bucket lists of places they want to see whether that’s the Pyramids of Giza or the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.

However, having visited some of the world’s most popular hotspots many tourists have been left disgruntled.

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Luggage storage network, Stasher, found the world’s best-rated and worst-rated tourist attractions, reports the Express – and the complaints people made about them.

At the top of the "worst" list was the star-spangled Hollywood Walk of Fame in California, USA.

The historic landmark consists of more than 2,700 pink and brass stars emblazoned with the names of the biggest celebs along 15 streets of Hollywood Boulevard.

But, it seems tourists were left disappointed in the attraction as some said it "smells like urine" and others noted it was "unsafe".

The Walk of Fame was rated the worst tourist attraction int he world and had had the lowest Google Review score.

One tourist wrote on Tripadvisor : "Hollywood is dirty but the Walk of Fame is next level. Smells like urine, trash everywhere, and looks nothing like the movies. Don’t waste your time walking, just drive by."

On Tripadvisor, the Hollywood attraction racked up 1,160 ‘terrible’ reviews and 6,142 ‘average’ postings.

Holidaymaker ‘Steven R’ said on Tripadvisor: "We didn’t feel particularly safe and that made a lot of the many bars and restaurants less welcoming to us."

‘Kay R’, from Essex, said: "The street was generally dirty and not at all the glitz and glam I expected. Saw so many stars in the pavement whose names I had never even heard of, not what I expected at all."

Jordan M, from Australia, added: "Stinks of urine, street hustlers everywhere trying to get your cash not to mention the large number of homeless.

"How the government of CA can let this happen is beyond me. This was the biggest disappointment of what was otherwise an awesome holiday."

Greg, from the US, noted: "If you go here to look at the stars you best have something for self defence like mace or a taser or something.

"This is not a safe place for kids, yet alone adults. We were chased down and even across the street by a street peddler who wasn't happy with a free will donation I gave him."

One person from Las Vegas said: "There is a large homeless population living around the Hollywood Walk of Fame. If you like the smell of urine and poop this attraction is for you. It is such a shame that this area is more like a third world country than the USA."

While yet more said they refused to get out of the car and feared to walk around with small children.

Pickpockets, violence and even "people with snakes" were noted.

One reviewer dubbed the attraction the "walk of shame".

The second worst attraction on the list was the Grand Bazaar in Turkey which was deemed unsafe.

The Istanbul market has over 4,000 shops over 60 lanes selling glittering lamps, jewellery, cloth and spices as well as local crafts.

But, reviewers on Tripadvisor claimed there were "lots of fakes" and that prices were inflated.

Zan D said: "The only decent stuff there you can get outside of the market anyways so if you really want to buy anything just go outside.

"Even as something to see it's really not that great, honestly went through it in 15 minutes and couldn't care less."

One person visiting from Canada noted: "Scam culture on full display in this dump. Don't waste your time in this tourist trap. Everything is lowest quality, fake, overpriced, and worthless."

Some reviewers said they were "harassed by salesmen" and made uncomfortable with "rude behaviour."

Another added that there was an "insane smoke smell" and "aggressive sellers" while a South African man commented that there were "pick pockets".

A Londoner noted: "You can not even breathe or move in this labyrinth let alone shop! We went into a spice souk I kept asking, 'How much is it?' As the man was scooping in the powders, ‘The whole in the end will weigh it in the end will weigh it'. OK four powders of spices £100 – come on are you having a laugh?"

The third worst rated was the Taj Mahal in India – the famous white marble building in Agra.

Worst tourist attractions (Stasher)

  1. Hollywood Walk of Fame, USA
  2. Grand Bazaar, Turkey
  3. Taj Mahal, India
  4. Busch Gardens, USA
  5. Lotte World, South Korea
  6. Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong
  7. Ocean Park, Hong Kong
  8. Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine, Japan
  9. Great Wall of China, China
  10. Everland, South Korea

Meanwhile, on the list of best tourist attractions according to Stasher was The Hungarian Parliament Building, Disneyland Paris and Blue Lagoon in Iceland.

Of the Hungarian Parliament Building a reviewer said: "This would have to be one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, especially when seen from the Danube at night.

"Spectacular. Tried to visit during the day but totally booked out!"

While another added: "This architect was gorgeous, it is a must visit, next to the River, glows like a piece of gold at night, amazing walk during day and night."


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