Woman shares ‘reality’ behind travel snaps – they’re not as glam as you think

Social media can make many people insecure about their own lives.

With influencers posting their preened bodies and jet setting lifestyle – it can make anyone question their achievements.

From dazzling pictures underneath the Eiffel Tower to dreamy snaps lounging by a Bali pool, social media makes travel seem luxurious.

However, one woman has proved trotting around the globe isn't quite as glamorous as people assume.

In a TikTok video, Louise Truman revealed that 90% of the time travelling actually doesn’t look like the ‘perfect’ pictures commonly seen on Instagram.

In one picture, the university student can be seen highly posed as she rocks a bikini in front of a sunset in Costa Rica.

However, Louise quickly exposed the reality behind her adventure.

The brunette beauty lugged a massive backpack whilst dripping in sweat and filmed tiny bugs in her room.

She then shared a triumphant snap of her and her friend posing on a volcano in Guatemala.

Again, in reality the trip was not so smooth sailing.

Pictured sporting blue ponchos, the pair look a lot less glam than they did in the first picture.

Lastly, Louise can be seen posing by Machu Picchu in Peru in an envy worthy shot.

However, the savvy snap again is far from the reality of the trip.

Louise can be seen napping on the floor, using her backpack for a pillow.

She can also be seen looking tired sitting at a table in a tent and resting upon rocks – a fry cry from the Instagram-worthy shots.

Louise explained in the clip: “Reality check of what travelling looks like 90% of the time!”

Stunned at Louise’s video, many people have thanked the student for showing the realistic side of travelling.

One person commented: “This is so accurate.”

Another user added: “Thanks SO MUCH for sharing this!”

Whilst a third person noted: “As someone who spends a lot of time on the road, this had me cackling.”

Someone else voiced: “Most of the time I was just sweaty, dirty and tired. But it was totally worth it!”

As a fifth person expressed: “Proof that social media is fake.”

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