Woman gets ‘petty’ revenge on couple who sat near her on empty beach

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A woman took revenge against a couple who sat by her on an empty beach – but her actions divided opinion.

Madison Gooch filmed the strangers as they plonked themselves in front of her and obstructed the view.

She posted the footage onto TikTok with the caption: “A whole beach and this couple chooses to sit right in front of us."

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Instead of moving elsewhere or asking the pair to shuffle over a bit, the US woman decided to get her ownback.

Madison's mum crushed up some crisps in her hand and threw them onto sand near the unsuspecting couple.

And her plan worked – as when a flock of black birds came to peck up the snack, the duo moved their deckchairs.

Madison's video garnered a mixed response on the video sharing platform.

Some backed the sneaky act of revenge, with one writing: “Not gonna lie…. that’s pretty clever."

Another said: “I will never understand why people choose to sit so close when there is an entire beach!”

And a third added: “Some people in the comments don’t understand beach etiquette and it shows."

But some called out the TikToker and her mum for their actions.

One sarcastically wrote: “Wow you own the beach now."

Another said: “Aww that’s sad .. they weren’t bothering anyone."

And a third added: “This is so petty. You could have just asked them to move.”


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