Woman condemned by crew for ‘showing too much skin’ on flight – ‘it was shocking to me’

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A woman travelling onboard an Air New Zealand flight alleged she was told by cabin crew that she was “showing too much skin”. Courtney Newbold was wearing a white vest top with lace detailing, with a pink crop top underneath.

On her lower half, she was wearing a pair of high waisted, full-length yoga pants.

However, according to Stuff, Air New Zealand crew said this was not part of their passenger dress code.

Ms Newbold was boarding a domestic flight from Rarotonga to Auckland when she claimed a flight attendant at the gate made a comment regarding her ensemble.

Ms Newbold alleged the airport worker asked: “Do you have a t-shirt or something?”

The passenger explained: “Because it’s so hot in the airport, I hadn’t thought about a jersey or anything. I said: ‘No, I don’t have it on me, why’s that?’

“She said, ‘You’re showing too much skin’.”

However, this was not the first time she would be spoken to about her clothing choices from staff.

Ms Newbold recounts that she borrowed a top from a person she was travelling alongside and planned to put it on once she was settled in her seat.

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Just moments later, at the top of the stairs about to enter the aircraft, she claimed another flight attendant slammed her outfit choice.

TThe passenger suggested the second crew member also asked her to put a “jersey” on.

Ms Newbold then put on the top she had borrowed from her fellow passenger.

Despite this, she told the New Zealand media that she was left feeling “very upset” by the situation.

“It was shocking to me that in 2021 someone was telling me I can’t wear what I was wearing,” she said.

Ms Newbold adds that she spotted male passengers wearing outfits that showed “the same amount of skin” and says she did not read anything about a dress code before boarding.

After posting a complaint to the airline’s Facebook page, the airline gave her a phone call.

Since then, Air New Zealand has also issued a formal apology to the passenger.

In a statement, Air New Zealand confirmed that a general manager for customer services had apologised to the passenger.

Express.co.uk contacted Air New Zealand for insight into the situation.

General manager customer, Leeanne Langridge told Express.co.uk “It’s always our intention to put customers first and ensure those who travel with us feel welcome and have a comfortable journey, and we apologise that this was not Courtney’s experience this time around.

“In this instance, there has been a misunderstanding, but we will be taking this situation as a learning and will be reengaging with our customer-facing teams to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.”

Dress codes are commonplace with airlines, who often require passengers to be “properly clothed” before boarding.

In the past, airlines around the world have been reported to deny travel to passengers wearing garments with profanities on them.

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