Where to go in September: Best hotspots to beat the crowds, soak up the sun and save money

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With the summer winding down, September marks the perfect time to get away and soak up the final moments of the hottest months. Whether you’re looking for sunshine and a buzzing atmosphere, or coastal views with smaller crowds, the destination you choose can be crucial. Express.co.uk spoke with Skyscanner’s Destination and Trends Expert Laura Lindsay to find out her top travel picks for the month.

Holidays with plenty of sunshine

Though the peak of summer has passed, there are still plenty of locations offering golden sunshine and toasty temperatures.

Ms Lindsay told Express.co.uk: “I would recommend a few places for a sunny September break. It’s a great ‘off-peak’ time to travel, with flights and accommodation generally enjoying fewer crowds and offering great value.

“The first destination on my recommendation list is Ibiza. Even if you don’t want to go clubbing, there are many other things to do on this beautiful Balearic Island.”

The expert recommends visiting the historical centre of Dalt Vila, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take in the 16th-century, Renaissance bastions or stroll the old marketplace.

With plenty of sunshine still on offer, Ibiza’s best beaches are there to be enjoyed.

Ms Lindsay said: “With average temperatures of 24C in September, it’s perfect for catching some rays into the Autumn.”

If Ibiza isn’t for you, the Skyscanner expert recommends Croatia, boasting a lovely average temperature of 23C.

She explained: “The crescent-shaped Adriatic country is famous for its Gothic Renaissance cathedrals, Soviet Era landmarks and cobblestone old towns.

“But Croatia is also blessed with endless shores surrounded by lush forests, where you can enjoy an extension to your summer stretched out on secluded coves.

“Head to Kraljicina beach, on the island of Nin, for its long strip of sand and beach bars, or find the 800-metre long, sandy strip surrounded by pine trees at Sakarun beach.”

If you’re looking for somewhere a bit hotter, a long-haul escape to Dubai could be in order.

Ms Lindsay said: “September is a much better time to visit than August when the average temperature reaches a mind-melting 36C.

“As you’d expect, Dubai’s residents have embraced the technology of air conditioning wholeheartedly, and you’ll no doubt spend much of your trip scurrying between blessedly cool shopping centres and restaurants.”

Holidays to beat the crowds

Though there are plenty of busy destinations drawing in the summer crowd, if you’re looking for peace and quiet, certain destinations tend to be more tranquil once the peak summer holiday season has passed.

Ms Lindsay said: “Over the last month, the most popular holiday destinations booked on Skyscanner are New York, Barcelona, Málaga, Dubai and Antalya. Most of these reflect our sun-seeking te


ndencies as we make plans to escape the onset of Autumn and the colder and wetter weather at home.”

However, despite its booming tourism industry, Italy could hold the key to some lesser trodden September paths.

Ms Lindsay explained: “I would recommend exploring a popular country like Italy but bypassing the crowds of Rome and Venice to head somewhere less well-known like Bari on the east coast.”

Alternatively, jet off to a destination you might not usually think of. Ms Lindsay said: “An example of a truly emerging destination is Albania, which has seen almost double the number of bookings in 2022 than it enjoyed in the same period in 2019.

“Most people have yet to discover it, but flights and tourism infrastructure are in place, and thus there are fewer crowds.”

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Holidays on a budget

Saving money is high on the agenda for many Britons this year, but if you have a little bit of money to spare, picking your destination wisely could go a long way.

Ms Lindsay said: “Albania is definitely rising as a new contender. With beaches which rival its Mediterranean neighbours and culture galore, it’s one to watch.”

Ultimately, though, the key to saving money is in planning. The expert said: “I would recommend searching ‘Everywhere’ on Skyscanner, as the deals you find will be determined by your departure airport and the routes available from there.

“If you’re flexible and can fly on a few different dates then you will get an even better deal. Using the ‘month view’ will show you if you can save money by leaving or returning on a different date.”

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