Where to find the real New Zealand

John Cleese didn’t look on the bright side of life in Palmerston North; Mick Jagger got no satisfaction from Invercargill. Both missed the point about travelling around Aotearoa: you’ll find real New Zealand outside the main centres.

Thinking about school or summer holiday destinations? These might not be on your radar. If you haven’t seen them, you don’t know what you’ve missed. If you have, maybe it’s time for another look.

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Before we head off, this is a Lord of the Rings location-free zone. Ditto wineries, artisan foodies and craft brewers. You can find those anywhere. Unlike Cleese, we’re looking for something completely different.

Dargaville: Visit… We dare you!

Some places beg you to visit with sassy slogans. There’s no sweet-talking here: “Visit Dargaville – we dare you.”

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