When to expect the next travel list update – will your holiday destination make the cut?

UK travel industry 'furious' at green list update says Calder

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With each travel review that passes more and more countries tend to be added to the green and amber travel lists. As more Brits take up the jab, the Government seems to be gaining the confidence to relax rules around travel. How often does the Government review its travel restrictions and when will the next one be?

Many sun-starved Brits have had to cancel their holiday plans as restrictions around international travel have continued this summer.

As many popular holiday destinations are starting to record a drop in Covid cases, the Government is facing mounting pressure to ease its rules around international travel.

Despite all legal restrictions in England being lifted, rules around international travel remain.

The UK’s travel traffic light system sets out the rules Brits must follow when travelling abroad.

When is the system reviewed?

The traffic light system was introduced in mid-May and is reviewed every three weeks.

The Department for Transport said: “These regular review points will allow the Government to balance helping the public to understand Covid requirements when travelling to England while allowing us to constantly evaluate the risk for different countries.”

The Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announces changes to the travel lists a few days before these updates are enforced.

The last review was on August 4 with the changes coming into effect on August 8.

The next travel review is expected on Wednesday, August 26, just in time for any Brits hoping to book a last-minute summer holiday.

Any updates made in this review are likely to come into effect from 4am on Sunday, August 29.

The last two reviews have been announced on Wednesdays, breaking with Mr Shapps’ previous schedule of releasing updated lists on Thursdays.

After his latest review, Mr Shapps seemed positive about the future of travel and of the easing of further restrictions.

He told Sky News: “With coronavirus you can never say there is zero chance.


“But having said that, the levels of vaccination and what we now know about the virus and what our scientists have been able to work out in the last year means that people should be able to go away, enjoy their holidays without looking over their shoulders the whole time and as I say, the next set of changes are not for another three weeks.”

What happens in travel reviews?

In travel reviews countries are moved between lists according to how much risk they face of bringing Covid back to the UK.

Red list countries are deemed to pose the highest risk for travellers.

In these countries, cases could be spiking or high levels of the population might be unvaccinated.

Travellers to red list destinations face the toughest travel restrictions.

They must quarantine for 10 days in an approved hotel when they arrive back in Britain.

Countries on the green list are deemed safest to travel to no periods of quarantine are needed to travel to these destinations.

Fully vaccinated Brits no longer have to quarantine if they visit an amber list country.

There is also a “green watchlist” for countries at risk of moving from green to amber soon.

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