What you ‘need’ to know when visiting Spain – ‘you don’t have the option’

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Spain is an incredibly sought after holiday among Brits who hope to see some sun and sand. A Spanish content creator, Ana Gildersleeve, took to TikTok to share the most important things tourists should know when visiting the country.

She entitled her video ‘Four things you need to know about Spain’.

Her first insight was for tourists who are hoping to do some food shopping.

“Most supermarkets are closed on Sundays.”

Her second tip was regarding restaurant etiquette.

“Tipping is not common at all.

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“You don’t even have the option to tip in the bill.”

Ana’s fourth tip was to beware of pickpockets.

Unfortunately, this is a harsh reality of travel, and can be particularly rife in large European cities.

She continued: “There are many people that tell me their wallets or phones were stolen in Spain.”

Warning visitors to holiday hotspot Barcelona, she said it can be be particularly common there.

Her fourth tip can come in handy for those hoping to sample Spanish cuisine.

The “most important” point she had for travellers to Spain was that “not all rice is paella”.

She said: “Paella is originally from Valencia, where I’m from.”

The Paella Company revealed: “To this day a ‘true’ Paella Valenciana has no seafood but a mixture of chicken, rabbit and snails with green and white beans.”

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However, paella is the name now given to 200 or so “distinctive rice dishes” from the Valencia region.

The video was popular on TikTok, amassing almost 20,000 likes, and several flocked to the comments to share their own experiences of Spain.

@wicklessinwonderland stated: “Traveled to Barcelona – they were shocked when we tipped! Loved it there. Beautiful!

@silent2hands said: “Thank you! I’m going to Barcelona. I bought pickpocket proof pants!”

In another video, titled ‘Top five things you have to know before travelling to Spain’, Ana said: “Topless bathing at the beach is VERY normal.

“Spain uses Euros.”

Next, she referred to the Spanish custom siesta, a short nap taken in the afternoon: “Don’t expect small shops to be open between 2-5pm.”

Ana warned visitors to never expect punctuality.

Finally, in contrast to the UK, she told viewers: “Don’t be surprised at being greeted with a kiss.”

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