What time is the travel announcement today?

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International travel has resumed in England after months of lockdown. But there are still strict restrictions in place on travel abroad, with the traffic light system introduced earlier this year to help control the spread of coronavirus. The system has been a source of confusion for many travellers, with travel advice for all countries subject to change at short notice.

What time is the travel announcement today?

The Government has not confirmed what date or time the next travel announcement will be given.

But based on past precedent, travel updates are usually given on either a Wednesday or a Thursday every three weeks.

Therefore the next update is expected on either Wednesday, August 25 or Thursday, August 26.

The Department for Transport (DfT) said: “These regular review points will allow the government to balance helping the public to understand Covid requirements when travelling to England while allowing us to constantly evaluate the risk for different countries.”

The last travel update was announced after 10pm on Wednesday, August 4.

After a travel announcement, there are usually a few days before changes are implemented.

Any changes to the traffic light system at this review will likely come into effect from Sunday, August 29 or Monday, August 30.

What could change at this travel review?

As with all of the Government’s travel reviews this year, there has been a lot of speculation among travel experts over what could change in this announcement.

In the run-up to this week’s announcement, there have been several indicators that Jamaica could be added to the red list soon.

Data analyst Tim White tweeted on August 23: “Jamaica‘s positive test rate today is 32.4 percent.

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“Yesterday it was even higher at 49 percent, but always higher on Sundays with reduced levels of testing.

“It’s really difficult to make a case for Jamaica avoiding red now.”

There have also been reports that Dominica and St Lucia are at risk of being added to the red list.

But there could be some good news for holidaymakers in this review, with Turkey suggested as a possible amber list addition.

Turkey has been on the red list for several weeks, meaning all non-essential travel to the popular holiday spot has been off the table.

If Turkey is moved to the amber list, fully vaccinated travellers would be able to avoid self-isolation when they return to England.

The mandatory managed hotel quarantine at personal expense will also not be required if Turkey is removed from the red list.

Turkey’s UK embassy said in a statement to Sky News: “The scientific data on COVID-19 support our expectation that Turkey will be removed from the red list at the upcoming review.”

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