Weirdest mid-air emergencies from ‘poonami’ in loo to snakes on a plane

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When planes filled with passengers are forced to make emergency landings, it is very often a cause for concern.

Those onboard may understandably fear something is wrong with the engine having watched too many disaster movies.

But there are often other unexpected reasons, such as an easyJet flight recently diverting due to the captain getting violently ill in a toilet and never coming out.

And that unfortunate moment is nothing compared to some of the weirdest reasons planes have had to divert.

Be it snakes on a plane (really) or overwhelming stenches in the hold, Daily Star has taken a look at why you may find yourself landing at a totally different destination.

'Poonami' on BA flight

In March 2015, BA flight 105 from Heathrow to Dubai got as far as Brussels when the pilot announced that the "pungent smell coming from the toilets" meant they had to turn back.

Travellers were told the phantom pooper's "liquid excrement" aka "poonami" was just too smelly to bear and, as cabin crew were unable to fix the issue, the flight could not go on.

Passenger Abhishek Sachdev tweeted: "Insane! Our BA flight to Dubai returned back to Heathrow because of a smelly poo in the toilet! 15hrs until next flight… #britishairways."

At the time, the Daily Star estimated that the move cost British Airways a whopping £152,000.

Snakes on a plane

You can only imagine the panic and commotion when a stowaway snake slid out of an overhead compartment and into the cabin of an Aeromexico flight.

The five-foot serpent was seen hanging below the lights above the passenger seats on the flight to Mexico City. Fortunately, the pilot managed to secure a priority landing and animal control swiftly came to the rescue.

In a similar vein, a clip shared in February from an AirAsia flight from the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur showed a snake which appeared to be lurking inside a light fitting.

Farting cows cause plane to overheat

On a Boeing 747 flight over the Irish Sea, the methane emissions from 400 cows in the cargo area reportedly caused the plane to overheat.

The pilot mistakenly thought there was a fire on board after a sudden increase in temperature, so he sent out a distress signal.

A similar occurrence was reported on a cargo plane just south of Indonesia in 2015 when over 2,000 sheep on board produced so much poo it set off the fire alarms.

And it's not just cows with flatulence issues

A plane travelling from Dubai to Amsterdam was forced to make an emergency landing after a row broke out over a passenger’s smelly farts.

Two men sitting next to the offender apparently did not take well to the man's bottom burps but he refused to hold back.

Despite a warning from the pilot, a fight between the men then broke out, causing the 2018 flight to be diverted to Vienna Airport.

A police spokesman confirmed the incident centred around a passenger suffering from flatulence who was not attempting to restrain himself and that this had offended two young Dutchmen.

Hollywood star's pee-mergency

French actor Gerard Depardieu blamed prostate problems after weeing into a bottle on a flight from Paris to Dublin in 2011.

He had been denied the use of the toilets because the seat belt signs were lit and the plane was about to take off.

But as he relieved himself, the bottle reportedly overflowed and his wee splashed on to the floor.

The plane returned to the terminal and the flight was delayed while a cleaning operation was carried out.

Whitney Houston rendition brings down plane

In 2013, an internal US flight had to make an emergency landing after a woman onboard wouldn’t stop singing Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You at the top of her voice.

The pilot was forced to change course halfway through the six-hour flight from Los Angeles to New York and make an unscheduled stop at Kansas City.

The woman was escorted off the plane and led away in handcuffs while still warbling the 90s pop classic.

On a wing and a prayer

In 2010, a US Airways plane was diverted after a prayer device worn by a Jewish teenager was mistaken for a bomb.

The unfortunate lad was flying from New York to Louisville when he started using a tefillin — a set of small black leather boxes containing verses from the Torah — to pray.

He strapped the phylacteries around his arms and head after take-off and alarmed passengers reported him to the crew.

The plane made an unscheduled landing in Philadelphia but no arrests were made.

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