Want to work remotely on top of a ferris wheel? At this Japanese theme park, you can.

The remote “workcation” trend has grown popular during the coronavirus pandemic. Las Vegas, for instance, has been trying to convince workers to set up shop there.  But would you ever want to work atop a ferris wheel?

At Yomiuriland, you can. 

The theme park’s new “Amusement Workation”  program, starting Oct. 15, lets guests rent a poolside workstation at the theme park, where they’ll have WiFi and power outlets.   They also  get a 1-hour ticket for the theme park’s ferris wheel, which is good for up to four laps and includes Wi-Fi. And while you may not be able to work from the  ferris wheel for very long, you are practically guaranteed to have the best Zoom background out of any meeting participant. 

The fee for one person is about $18 on weekdays and $19 on weekends. If two people sign up, the price is $34 regardless of which day it is. Keep in mind that there is fee for a Wi-Fi and power. 

CNN first reported the news.

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