UK holidays: Tried and tested techniques to reduce the cost of staycations

Thanks to lockdown and the onslaught of travel corridor confusion, many Britons have opted to play it safe with a staycation this year. While the UK certainly has plenty of beautiful regions to choose from, the sudden surge in popularity has also led to skyrocketing prices.

Luckily, there are some ways holidaymakers can bag a deal according to experts.

“We are well and truly in staycation season, Britons are not travelling abroad and they are right to be wary about the dangers presented by travelling overseas,” George Charles, spokesperson for told

“However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that holiday will be cheaper; hotels and other hotspots are bumping their prices up in order to keep up with the demand.

“Even though prices have gone up, this doesn’t mean you have to pay a premium.”

Often, the savings come before the holiday has even been booked.

When it comes to accommodation, for example, one simple way Britons can bag a saving is by going directly to the provider rather than using a comparison website.

Though comparison websites can help you get an idea of which hotel is offering the best rates, the expert suggests contacting the hotel directly once you have made your decision.

“A good way of saving money is booking directly; maybe you could even try to haggle with the place you are trying to book in an effort to bring the cost down,” said the spokesperson.

Indeed, hotels often offer free breakfast, a bottle of bubbly or even free upgrades when contacted directly.

Flexibility is another sure way to make some savings.

“It may also be worth not going during peak time – maybe book a few weekdays off and go in the middle of the week so that you aren’t spending too much money on a Friday to Monday holiday. The difference between weekdays and weekends is often astronomical,” they added.

However, savings aren’t just to be had with hotel stays.

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There are also plenty of opportunities to bag a bargain camping, caravan or holiday park stay.

A travel pro from told that the key is to avoid those big name brands.

“If you’re planning a camping trip, don’t opt for commercial sites such as caravan parks that have spaces for tents, as these can often be pretty pricey,” they recommended.

“Instead, opt for looking around to see if there are any farmers who open space in their land for people to camp – this could cost as little at £10 a night per pitched tent.”

Seasonal vouchers and loyalty schemes are also a good way of bringing down numbers.

“One tried and tested technique is hunting for voucher codes and any deals that a holiday park or similar may be running when you go to book your stay,” said spokesperson.

Similarly, pointed out collectable points such as Nectar cards.

“Loyalty schemes can offer you discounts on your travel and accommodation costs if you look in the right places. You can use Nectar points to purchase fuel from Sainsbury’s petrol stations across the UK – sign up and start collecting now,” they suggested.

For those who are open to something a little different, why not avoid the traditional accommodation providers altogether?

“If you fancy trying out a different city or town in the UK, then look into renting someone’s home in the UK. You can also list your own home for extra cash,” explained the spokesperson.

Sites such as Homeaway UK Holiday Rentals allow travel enthusiasts to do just this and enjoy all the comforts of home whilst away from the nest.

They added: “A day at the beach can be made far more exciting and fun by hiring a beach hut.

“You’ll have a base for the day that can be much cheaper than having a one-night stay in a hotel – be sure to check out for competitive prices on where you can hire them out.”

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