UK holidaymakers in Spain do not need to prove £85 per spending money after rule

Carole Malone erupts at Spain's new travel policy

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Some Britons with the hopes of travelling to Spain this summer were confused and alarmed that they would have to have to spend a minimum of £750 on their trips. They were also worried they would have to prove they had £85 per day to spend.

The Spanish Tourist Office has made a statement to settle these worries.

However, it has not denied the claims.

The office said: “The requirement for UK travellers to be able to illustrate sufficient means for the duration of their stay and the return is established in the Schengen Borders Code and is not a Spain-specific requirement.”

But the rules are not new in the Schengen Borders Code, and should not come as a surprise to holidaymakers.

Manuel Butler, the Spanish Tourist Office director, added: ‘’This is not a new requirement and has been in place for some time for visitors from outside of the European Union or Schengen area.’’

However, Britons may not have realised this was in place.

So what does this mean for British tourists going on their holidays this summer?

He explained that UK travellers would need to show they had sufficient means for their visit.

They would need to be able to prove that they could support themselves and any dependants.

It is important that all travellers are able to pay for their onward journey or return flight.

However, what Spain has confirmed is that this policy does not necessarily mean that tourists’ finances are going to be looked into.

The checks are not ‘’systematically’’ carried out for all travellers.

Many travellers to Spain will not be required to give this information.

More to follow…

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