Travellers warned to ‘pack your patience’ as QLD border finally opens to NSW

Millions of NSW residents are now able to drive or fly into Queensland, after border restrictions relaxed overnight.

As of 1am on Tuesday morning, rural and regional NSW residents can enter the sunshine state, while five million greater Sydney residents remain locked out.

The entire state of Victoria is also still barred from Queensland, with no chance of things changing until at least the beginning of December.

The 32 local government areas in Sydney will continue to be considered COVID-19 hot spots, despite the state having recorded only one new case on Monday, linked to a known cluster in the city’s southwest.

It comes days after Australia recorded its first day of no locally acquired cases since June.

Police are urging motorists to “pack their patience” after Queensland border restrictions eased overnight. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Steve HollandSource:News Corp Australia

Police are warning of delays at the road borders, as they prepare to meet hundreds of air passengers throughout the day in the 17th iteration of the border restrictions.

Those transiting to Queensland are able to pass through hot spots in order to reach their destination – people flying into Queensland can do so from Sydney airport, residents living south of greater Sydney can drive through Sydney – but can only stop for essential reasons and must wear a mask.

Police have warned they will be closely scrutinising the millions of NSW residents now able to enter Queensland, with at least 5 million Greater Sydney residents still barred from entering the Sunshine State. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Steve HollandSource:News Corp Australia

Queensland Police Chief Superintendent Mark Wheeler said people weren’t able to stay overnight in hotspot areas if they wanted to transit to Queensland.

“People can fly into Queensland from the Sydney airport and people can come to Queensland from the Spirit of Tasmania – provided that when they get into Victoria, they leave immediately by road or by air, and that they don’t overnight at a COVID-19 hotspot,” he said.

Dozens of flights are expected to take off from Sydney and Newcastle in the direction of Queensland, in what is expected to be a significant boost to a struggling tourism industry.

There are at least eight flights from Sydney, Newcastle, Armidale, Invernell and Dubbo scheduled to arrive into Brisbane on Tuesday, despite a number of flights being cancelled by their airlines.

This is the 17th iteration of Queensland’s border changes. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Steve HollandSource:News Corp Australia

Queensland police have urged motorists to “pack their patience” due to a change in the type of border pass needed.

Drivers entering the state by road will need a ‘G’ pass, which will now be valid for 14 days instead of the previous seven.

This is the 17th iteration of border changes.

“Sometimes it will take the community a little while to catch up with the changes,” Mr Wheeler said.

Police will closely scrutinise those passing into Queensland, to ensure people have not breached the rules.

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