Travellers’ ‘nightmare’ start to holiday as bags scattered across airport floor

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Passengers were forced to sort through their bags on the floor after a conveyor belt broke at Malaga Airport. The tourists had just arrived on a flight from Manchester Airport and said the chaos was a “nightmare” start to their break with TUI.

Phil Burke, who flew to Malaga to celebrate a friend’s birthday, said there was no staff to help the desperate travellers.

Speaking to Manchester Evening News, Phil said: “It’s been a bit of a nightmare.

“We were 20 minutes late with leaving, but we got through security alright. We went downstairs [at Malaga] and two conveyors had stopped. There were 60 or 70 bags all over the floor. People had to go through the bags themselves.

“There was no-one around to ask for assistance. It only needed a key to turn it back on. It took 25 minutes to get a rep from TUI to come down — he said they were fixing the other one. People were sticking their heads through the gap to shout to get their bags sorted. They had connections [to catch].”

It took Phil, who is a councillor, 25 minutes to find his bag, just as a flight from Leeds Bradford Airport arrived and more suitcases piled onto the mountain.

Phil, from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, said: “What started out to be a nice break to celebrate someone’s birthday — we have been 20 minutes late and this. I just felt sorry for the people have to make connections.

“There was no help whatsoever. It took about 25 minutes [to get my bag]. I have got it, I’m alright. There were still quite a few people after me.”

Malaga Airport has been approached for comment.

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