Travel: When will international travel resume?

The coronavirus pandemic has hugely impacted the global travel industry. With countries across the world setting bans and closing their borders, airlines have had no choice but to ground their flights. Some airlines have struggled to survive the financial hit, left with no choice but to go into administration. That’s what happened to the UK’s Flybe back in March. Holidays have been cancelled up until the present, but the is still uncertainty surrounding trips booked for later summer months. Here’s everything you need to know about flights this summer.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is still advising against all but essential international travel, but many airlines are starting to think about setting off again.

However, it is important to remember that your travel insurance will not be valid if you go on holiday while the FCO advice warns against it.

Read on to find out which flights are soon to run from the UK.

When will airlines start flying again?

This week easyJet announced it would be resuming flights from a number of UK airports.

The budget British airline grounded its entire fleet at the end of March, but will return to the skies from June 15.

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The airline will be operating largely domestic routes, though. The full list of flights that will be running from the UK is:
• Belfast to Birmingham
• Belfast to Bristol
• Belfast to Edinburgh
• Belfast to Glasgow
• Belfast to London Gatwick
• Belfast to Liverpool
• Belfast to Newcastle
• Birmingham to Belfast
• Bristol to Belfast
• Edinburgh to Belfast
• Edinburgh to London Gatwick
• Glasgow to Belfast
• Glasgow to London Gatwick
• Inverness to London Gatwick
• Isle of Man to London Gatwick
• Isle of Man to Liverpool
• London Gatwick to Belfast
• London Gatwick to Edinburgh
• London Gatwick to Glasgow
• London Gatwick to Inverness
• London Gatwick to Isle of Man
• Liverpool to Belfast
• Liverpool to Isle of Man
• Newcastle to Belfast

easyJet is only running one international route: London Gatwick to Nice, France, and back again.

The airline will be operating domestic routes within France, and international flights between Geneva and Portugal, Spain and France.

easyJet will be adding more routes to the schedule when the FCO advice changes.

On Tuesday, Ryanair announced it would be resuming a number of flights from July 1.

The airline plans to increase flights to 40 percent of its normal schedule from the start of July.

A spokesperson said: “Ryanair will be offering daily flights from countries all over northern Europe including Ireland, the UK, Belgium, Holland and Germany to the key holiday airports of Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and Cyprus from 1 July.”

Ryanair’s chief executive, Eddie Wilson explained: “It is important for our customers and our people that we return to some normal schedules from 1 July onwards.

“Governments around Europe have implemented a four-month lockdown to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

“After four months, it is time to get Europe flying again so we can reunite friends and families, allow people to return to work and restart Europe’s tourism industry, which provides so many millions of jobs.”

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  • Jet2 resume flights: When is Jet2 resuming flights?

Jet2 will resume flights on the same date as Ryanair – July 1.

A spokesperson for the airline said: “We have said throughout that the sun will shine again and when it does, we will be there to take customers away on their well-deserved holidays.

“As well as taking them away for their much-needed holidays, customers can be assured that we will be implementing measures, in consultation with the relevant authorities, to ensure the safety and well-being of everybody onboard.”

When will international flights resume?

Airlines across the globe are planning to resume international flights from the UK and internationally in July.

Despite the FCO advice, Boris Johnson has stated that when it is safe to travel a two week UK travel quarantine will be required for anyone entering the country from abroad.

This includes returning Britains, so you might want to take this into consideration when planning a holiday.

Emirates has already resumed flights to nine global destinations. This started on May 21.

The destinations include London Heathrow Frankfurt, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Chicago, Toronto, Sydney and Melbourne, including connections in Dubai for those travelling to Australia.

TAP Portugal is also flying twice a week between London Heathrow and Lisbon. The airline plans to resume over 200 flights throughout July.
These flights could take you throughout Europe, the USA, and South America.

Wizz Air has resumed some flights, starting with a flight from Sofia to Luton on May 1.

This was the first plane to land at the airport for 10 days.

The airline is also flying passengers from Luton to Tel Aviv, and from Luton to Lisbon. However, these are mainly for nationals of the countries.

Virgin Atlantic has suggested flights will resume from August at the earliest.

However, the airline is planning a promising summer 2021, with routes to New York, Las Vegas, Orlando, Barbados, Delhi and Havana.

British Airways also plans to resume activity in July at the earliest.

American Airlines will be flying again in June, taking Brits between Heathrow and New York (JFK), and Heathrow and Orlando.

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