Travel in 2021 was ‘some of the most frustrating and difficult times’ – top trends named

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Travel in 2021 was more complicated than Britons could have previously anticipated, and this is reflected in the top Google travel search of the year. Travel update UK, PCR test for travel, green list and travel corridors all made the top 10.

Britons who wanted to travel spent most of the year wondering if they could, where they could and what they needed to do to go there and back again.

It’s no surprise nine out of the 10 most search for hotels terms in 2021 were in the UK, with York, Edinburgh, Manchester, London and Blackpool in the top five.

The only non-UK destination was Paris.

Caravan were more popular than ever and the traffic light system seemed to confuse just about everyone.

Matt Cooke, Head of Google News Lab, said: “It’s no surprise that 2021 has revealed some interesting insights into the zeitgeist of the nation.

“During a year of unpredictability, we have turned to sport, entertainment, gardening, recipes and UK-based travel to get us through some of the most frustrating and difficult times.”

A staycation was the holiday of choice for many Britons and Newquay became the “most trending destination” on KAYAK.

Galway, Coventry and Cambridge all saw massive spikes in searches too, and domestic flights’ prices rising by 33 percent.

The joys of a UK holiday were rediscovered by Britons who embraced the staycation trend and road trips.

With domestic flights ’prices going up, Britons took to the roads and made the journey part of their holidays.

Interestingly, October was the most popular time to go on holidays in 2021, as autumn replaced summer as the season of choice for a getaway.

Holiday rental marketplace Snaptrip saw a 284 percent increase in demand for holidays once self-catered accommodations reopened in April.

Britons desperate for a holiday flocked to some of the country’s best beauty spots, with Whitby crowned the most popular location in 2021.

It was followed by Newquay, Windermere and Ambleside. Barnstaple rounded up the top five.

Snaptrip noted the “nostalgic seaside holiday” as a trend of 2021 travel, with Whitby, Scarborough, Newquay and Bideford all in the top 10.

Britons wanted to be in the great British outdoors, with hiking destinations in the Lake District such as Windermere, Ambleside and Keswick also in the top 10.

Top 10 locations for 2021

1. Whitby

2. Newquay

3. Windermere

4. Ambleside

5. Barnstaple

6. Scarborough

7. Keswick

8. Richmond

9. Brecon

10. Bideford


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