Travel changes: The red list may soon have no countries – all but scrapped

Grant Shapps announces 47 countries removed from red list

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In a great news move for the travel industry, the last seven countries on the red list could be removed. Colombia, Peru, Panama, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Venezuela and Ecuador are the only countries still on the red list.

The new simplified travel list system could be made even simpler.

Boris Johnson’s official spokesperson said: “The Covid-O committee meets to discuss things like travel in relation to Covid on a regular basis.

“The meetings need to happen where they decide what countries should or should not be on the red list.

“I’m just not going to speculate on how many how many countries may or may not be on it, pending decisions.

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“That is based on advice from the Joint Biosecurity Centre and then considered in the round and ministers decide what’s appropriate.”

If all countries were removed, it would effectively mean every destination in the world could become fair game for Britons in need of a holiday.

Quarantine is mandatory for travellers coming back from red list countries.

The move to remove all countries from the list could mean the need for quarantining is no longer an issue.


Up until now, coming back from a red list country meant quarantining for 10 days at a cost of £2,285 per person.

However, it is understood the red list has not been scrapped as of yet.

The spokesperson said: “I think it’s important to clarify on the red list, countries may come off, countries may come on, and those numbers may get low.

“There are no plans to remove hotel quarantine in the way that’s been reported.

“But the red list will still remain an important tool, should it be needed, in identifying countries where particularly there are high-risk variants.”

Even if all countries were to be removed from it, it is understood the Government would keep the list as an option, at least until January.

Countries could be moved to the red list in future.

Hotels were also reportedly still on standby, as quarantining could be back on the menu at some point.

But the entire world could soon be open for holidaying Britons.

While the Government may tell Britons everywhere is safe, the rest of the world is wary of the UK’s Covid rates.

On October 21, Morocco closed its borders to Britons.

It remains to be seen whether other countries may follow suit.

On Twitter, Paul Henley said: “Now the government needs to work on getting the UK off other countries red lists.”

Jen Wah, meanwhile, said: “Can UK add itself to the red list? See as highest number of cases seems to be the one thing we are world beating at. Asking for the rest of the world.”


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