Tourists complain Lake District ‘too wet’ and ‘no giants’ at Giant’s Causeway

The UK is littered with popular tourist attractions thanks to our rich, varied and long history.

Holidaymakers can enjoy everything from stunning natural beauty spots to ancient castles, prehistoric monuments and modern day areas of interest.

But, it seems that despite most of the major attractions receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews online not everyone is happy with their experience.

Some TripAdvisor reviews claimed the hotspots were too dirty, crowded or less impressive than expected.

While others were shocked at the terrible weather while they were there.

Still more felt moody about the number of lakes in the Lake District, the difficulty of the walk up Snowdon and the lack of giants at Giant's Causeway….

Check out some of the worst one-star reviews for the UK's top tourist attractions below…

The Lake District

A complaint about the stunning Lake District in Cumbria was shared to TripAdvisor.

They titled the review: "Too many wet lakes!"

And, wrote: "As somebody who is not fond of lakes (too wet) I was expecting there to be some lakes but not this many!!

"By God there are lakes EVERYWHERE!! My advice is to steer clear if you find lakes unpleasant as they can't really be avoided."


This soaring peak is the highest mountain in Wales and attracts hikers from all over the world.

It takes between five and seven hours to climb on average – but not everyone loved the walk.

Some complained of the “gigantic cafe” while others were horrified by the lack of toilets on the natural monument.

This meant hikers were “going to the toilet on the ground,” leaving “excrement behind rocks” and there being a “smell of urine everywhere.”

Another review said: ‘Found the ascent horrific – so exhausting.

“Rubbish views of ugly rocks and a couple lakes sometimes. Would never do it again.”

While another commented that they should move the mountain… somehow.

They wrote: “Its way too rough and steep. The weather is atrocious and whatever possessed them to put it in Wales? It would be much better in Cornwall.”

A third said their family was “distressed” that they could not get a flat white at the summit.

The Roman Baths

The ancient baths constructed almost 2,000 years ago are a fascinating insight into our country’s history.

However, not everyone seems to appreciate the site’s cultural significance.

A number of one star reviews complained of being “crammed in around the baths,” “long queues,” and that the baths were like “an uncleaned pool” or “green puddle”.

One man added: “The green water is so disgusting and murky as a pool of chemical substances.”

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle in Scotland has been occupied since the Iron Ages and is a testament to the nation’s history.

Despite its grandeur and age not every visitor loved their trip to the tourist attraction.

One tripAdvisor poster claimed the walk to the castle was too long and they were “targeted” for being “half English”.

While another added: “If you like being surrounded by people with the attention span of a gold fish this is the place for you. Hell on the hill.”

Some described the building as “lifeless” and “full of gift shops”.

The Cotswolds

One of the most popular English destinations is the Cotswolds – an area filled with chocolate box villages, historic sights and quintessential British gardens.

It seems not everyone from abroad enjoys the charming area as much as we Brits do as some American visitors exclaimed that they were less than impressed

One bloke took one look at Castle Combes and was fuming.

They wrote: "There is NO CASTLE in Castle Comb. No castle but there are remains of a castle, but you won't see it. It is overgrown and on private property."

Another said that the hills were too steep while a third noted that the village seemed to be “closed”.


Stonehenge is one of Britain’s oldest monuments dating back a massive 5,000 years – however plenty of people find them overrated.

Some commented on the barbed wire fences erected to protect the stones while others called the monument “large-scale rubble in a vague circle.”

On TripAdvisor one person wrote: "It is just a bunch of rocks. I have no idea why anyone would be excited to go to Stonehenge.

"My friend once asked me 'What do you hate most in life?' and without a second thought I uttered the only truth I have, and that was Stonehenge.

"Every moment I think about Stonehenge I curl up into a ball and think about all the poor innocent lives that were bored for anywhere between one to three hours because they had the misfortune of seeing a bunch of rocks that just circle you ominously."

They added: "Absolute terrible monument, gets laughed at by the rest of the world's wonders on a daily basis.”


The Needles

The Needles, on the Isle of Wight is a row of three chalk stalks protruding about 30 metres out of the sea.

The natural phemomenon can inspire awe at its beauty – but not everyone is convinced of the picture perfect view.

Vistors have stated that the area is “overcrowded,” and has “narrow, slippery steps”… if you don’t use the stairlift.

One review stated: “We'd seen pictures of The Needles prior to venturing out their way.

“We were not prepared for what may be the dullest theme park in existence.

“Leaving the Needles as is with a natural park surrounding them would have been lovely, but building what may be an homage to boredom and ennui as a gateway to a beautiful geologic wonder detracts from their majesty.”

Brighton Palace Pier

As one of the most well-known attractions on the southeast coastline Brighton Pier is known to be fun for all the family.

But some people weren’t happy with their experience of the pier, leaving reviews that mentioned “long queues” for rides, many of which were closed or broken.

The pier itself was apparently “slippery” and “littered,” with “full bins” and “paint falling off.”

One review said: “This is not a joke. My eldest hated it after 5 minutes and left crying. I hated Brighton Pier and will never go back.”

Additionally, many were annoyed with the seagulls at the seaside attraction.

One person wrote: “If you eat something you will be most probably invaded by seagulls.”

Another added: “People feeding seagulls chips has meant they surround you and swoop down for your food, we got swooped on twice in the time we were there.”

Angel of the North

One of the most famous artworks in the area this sculpture by Antony Gormley located by the busy A1 Road in Gateshead has become synonymous with the region.

Lots of people love to trek to see the statue which has become an icon in its own right.

But, unhappy tourists felt it looked more “like an upended aeroplane” and was only “so-called art.”

Some visitors cried that it was “rusty old junk” that “needs painting” and is an “eyesore” amongst an otherwise beautiful landscape.

The Giant’s Causeway

The result of an ancient volcanic fissure eruption, The Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland is stunningly unusual area of natural beauty.

But, some tourists were frustrated by all the “tourists crawling over the rocks.”

Some went so far as to say its appearance was “overrated”.

And a Tripadvisor review exclaimed: “Just a pile of odd shaped rocks. No giants.”

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