Tourist smacked with lifetime ban for throwing scooter from Italian monument – £20k damage

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The woman and her friend caused £19,966 worth of damage when she allegedly hurled an electric scooter down Rome’s Spanish steps. The incident was caught on film.

The woman and a friend were trying to bring their electric scooters down the Spanish steps when the incident occured.

She appeared to become tired of carrying her scooter and decided to throw it down the steps.

Italian authorities said the scooter caused extensive damage to the steps on the way down.

Police caught the woman and her friend and fined them £319 after reviewing the footage of the incident.

After looking at the footage, police said the repairs to the marble steps would cost nearly £20,000.

The tourist and her companion have been hit with a lifetime ban from the Spanish steps which had just been refurbished.

A week earlier, a Saudi businessman shocked locals when he drove his Maserati down the steps in the Italian capital.

The man reportedly “took a wrong turn” which led to him driving down the world famous steps.

The Spanish steps were built in the 1700s and are one of Rome’s top tourist attractions.

Rome has some strict rules in place to protect the steps and tourists are banned from sitting on the attraction.

Tourists could also be fined for pushing a pram up the stairs or eating on them with charges ranging from 250-400 euros (£214-£342).

A restoration project to protect the famous marble stairs cost around 1.5 million euros (£1.2million) in 2015.

Tourists recently caused a stir in another Italian city after two US visitors were caught swimming nude in a Venice canal.

The tourists were photographed swimming in one of the city’s canals without any clothes on.

They were then seen returning to their Airbnb by shocked local residents. Swimming in the canal is strictly prohibited.

It can be very dangerous as tourists could be struck by boats but the water is also dirty and some of it contains sewage.

Tourists behaving badly can expect to receive fines in some European countries for breaking rules.

In Spain, tourists can receive fines in some areas for walking around on the street without a shirt on.

In Iceland, tourists are encouraged to sign ‘The Icelandic Pledge’ and promise to respect nature while on holiday in the country.

The certificate aims to stop tourists urinating in nature, littering or being disrespectful to local residents.

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