TikTok travel hack translates menus from any language into English in seconds

A TikTok creator has shared a genius travel hack that will ensure you never stare at a menu with no idea what it says again.

We’ve all been there when abroad – you see a delicious smelling restaurant, sit down, flip open the menu but don’t speak the language it’s written in.

Many tourist destinations carry English menus or, if you paid attention in language classes, you may be able to decipher some dishes on a French or Spanish menu.

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However, if you move off the beaten track – where much of the most authentic food is sold – you might be left ordering a mystery item.

And, it’s not always guaranteed to be something to your taste.

But, TikTok creator @itsgnochgnoch, has solved the age-old holiday problem for all of us after spotting a handy Google Translate feature.

While dining out, she spoke to her fans and said: “Oh my God, guys, I’m on holiday and my mind has just been blown so I’m currently on holiday in Turkey and I’m at a restaurant at the moment and they don’t do an English menu.

“They don’t speak a lot of English either so I was like ‘it’s fine I’ll just put it in my Google Translate.

“I went and downloaded the app for convenience for the rest of the trip and then I saw a little feature where you open your camera.”

She went on to demonstrate how the feature worked – and how it made ordering from the menu a doddle.

The TikTok creator said: “You click the app, you press the camera button and then put the menu in front of you. It translates everything within seconds like how sick is that? I’m literally so excited about this feature!

“Did everybody know about this? I’m like how the h**l did I not know about this before?”

In the Google Translate app she simply held the menu in front of her phone and the words changed into English on the screen.

As she moved the camera over to other pages it instantly translated those as well.

She finished off by saying: “This is such a good travel hack!”

You’ll never be left trying to order a cheese sandwich and ending up with head cheese (that’s pate made from an animal’s head) again!

The creator’s video went viral with over 140,000 likes and 1.9million views.

In the comments, people were in love with the Google Translate feature.

It’s been around for a while, but clearly many keen travellers don’t yet know about the savvy hack.

One fan said: “That's brilliant, I just usually go by the pictures.”

“OMG, this is amazing,” added another.

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A third noted: “The Google Lens app includes this feature too! Plus other awesome features!”

While one women commented: “Yes, [this] helped me through some tough times with language homework.”

Even Google’s own social media account commented: “Here's to making travel a little bit easier.”


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