These social-distancing-friendly, multigenerational family trips will appeal to the whole family

We may be in unprecedented times, but with careful planning and prudent destination choices that avoid states with COVID-19 upswings, summer is still an ideal time to grab your extended group and travel with parents, children, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and blended families.

There are recent studies highlighting the growing trend of multigenerational travel. “Many millennials now have kids of their own, and recognize the value of having the grandparents come along on their vacations; whether it’s helping with childcare or just building on traditions and memories from their own childhood, there are a lot of benefits to traveling with an extended family unit,” says Christie Hudson, a senior public relations manager with Expedia.

She says traveling with kids and grandparents has emerged as a viable, less risky vacation dynamic as people have reduced their social circles.

“While some are only socializing with their own household or immediate family, others – myself included – have expanded that circle to include the grandparents,” Hudson says. “The natural extension is to take it on the road and travel together as well. And the data backs it up: private vacation homes, which are popular for families and bigger groups, are rebounding a bit more quickly than other types of accommodations post-quarantine.”

Expedia recently commissioned a survey to see how travelers are navigating the unprecedented travel season, and 48% said they’ll be traveling with their families. Furthermore, 31% said they’ll be staying with family or friends during their trip.

In Hudson’s case, she is the mother to two small children (a 4-year-old boy and 18-month-old girl), with in-laws that live in another state. “We take at least one vacation a year that includes the out-of-state grandparents and often we also travel with my husband’s brother and his family,” she says. “Not only is it more fun for our kids to have playmates, it’s more fun for us. We get to parent as a village, which means more time spent relaxing and enjoying our vacation.”

Here are six U.S destinations that are ideal for multigenerational travel experiences and avoid COVID-19 hot spot.

Marquette, Michigan

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