There is no limit to how far Britons can travel in new coronavirus rules Boris reveals

Prime Minister Boris Johnson did not reveal, when asked, any specific limit it terms of how far Britons can travel after new coronavirus rules were revealed last night. In a live stream this evening he claimed Britons could not travel and stay overnight.


  • Boris Johnson clarifies if Britons can meet more than one person

Boris Johnson was asked if there was a limit to how far Britons can travel under new rules.

One caller express concerns that Britons would flock to UK beauty spots.

The caller, who is from the Lake District, asked: “Will, there be a limit on how far people are allowed to travel for their exercise as, if not, surely people will just flock to some of the worst hit areas, such as the Lake District, which is surely neither safe nor wise?”

The PM responded: “A lot of people have been asking this. What we saying is we want people to use the outdoors to be able to exercise in an unlimited way outdoors but they’ve got to obey social distancing.

“So, there can’t be any question of people just going on holidays and staying in places like the Lake District. If they do go to exercise it’s got to be done with social distancing.

“If it’s going to be more than one it’s got to be members of their own household. And of course, as we’ve said before, if you are going to meet anybody else in that open space it’s got to be one on one and again exercising social distancing. I hope that’s clear.”

However, some Twitter users were not happy with this answer. One wrote: “Well done Boris for not actually answering any of the actual questions WELLDONE!

“Asked how far a distance is acceptable to travel for exercise. When idiots flooded the lake district prior to lockdown and caused a mass spread. Replied with saying do not travel to stay.”

In the same live stream he also cleared up whether people can meet in the park.

Social distancing rules amid coronavirus have been vague, and many have been confused about who they can meet. Now it has been clarified by Boris Johnson.

One Briton asked the Prime Minister this evening: “Can we see friends and family at the park?

“What if they are at the park when we get there, should we leave or should we stay and talk?”

Boris reiterated that only two people should meet at one time.

He said: “What we are saying is that you can go to the park to exercise on your own in an unlimited way.

“You can go with members of your own household, but if you want to meet someone from outside your household it has to be you and that other person has a pair.

“It should be a one on one thing, with social distancing.”

Clarifying about groups of multiple people meeting, Boris address whether more than two people can meet but spread two metres apart.

He said: “Our answer to that at the moment is, that is pushing it too far.”

Chris Whitty, the Chief Medical Officer for England, added: “We are trying to take very small steps that allow us to be sure we are not going to see an increase in transition again.

“We are going to have to make changes for a long period of time and making things sustainable is important.”

He added he hoped the new ruled do “not lead to people meeting with multiple people outside their households at once.”

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