The UK falls from second best country to fifth in the world – Germany retains top spot

Tom Hunt hits out at BBC for 'casting judgement' on UK culture

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Ipsos’s Nation Brands Index ranks countries on their national image and reputation. The rankings take into account, among other criteria, the public image of products from a country, a country’s culture, friendliness, government and quality of life.

The UK retained a spot on the ranking’s top 10.

However, it fell to number fifth, from the second spot last year.

The UK’s reputation was found good for “Exports, Culture, and Immigration and Investment.”

The UK’s contribution to science and technology was seen as positive all over the world.

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So was the UK’s sporting excellence and contemporary culture.

UK education also had a good reputation globally.

Where the country fared less well was on People and Governance.

The friendliness of Britons was in question, and so was the UK’s protection of the environment.

In the top spot was Germany.

The country has claimed the title of “best” country seven times overall, and fifth year in a row.

Its reputation for Exports, Immigration and Investment, Governance and Culture saw the country make the top two in every category.

Most people in the world felt positive about German products and businesses, employing German people and the Government’s work to fight poverty.

Germany was also found to excel in sport.

Canada moved up one place to take the second spot, with Japan also moving one spot to third.

In fourth place was Italy, followed by the UK in fifth.

10 Best nations in the world

1 Germany

2 Canada

3 Japan

4 Italy

5 United Kingdom

6 France

7 Switzerland

8 United States

9 Sweden

10 Australia


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