The popular British expat destination that has the best quality of life in the world

Queen Letizia of Spain at the CaixaForum cultural centre

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The InterNations Expat Insider survey ranks countries based on the views of expats who live there. But which country had the best quality of life?

Best quality of life for expats

  1. Spain
  2. Taiwan
  3. Austria
  4. Portugal
  5. UAE
  6. Switzerland
  7. Finland
  8. Denmark
  9. South Korea
  10. Singapore

Spain has the best lifestyle in the world, according to the latest InterNations Expat Insider survey.

Expats thought the country had amazing leisure facilities and an incredible cultural and nightlife scene.

An expat said: “There’s always something very interesting to do.”

Over 90 percent of expats also praised the country’s culinary variety and the number of dining options.

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Almost 70 percent of expats loved Spain’s climate and weather while many thought it was an affordable place to live.

Expats also felt that the quality of healthcare in Spain was very good while its cities had good infrastructure.

One said: “I appreciate the easy availability of the beach, mountains and the airport!”

Over nine in 10 expats felt that Spain was very safe while the majority found it easy to travel around the country.

Over 400,000 British people live in Spain with many opting to live on the sunny Costa del Sol or the Costa Blanca.

As there are established British communities in Spain, many expats find it easy to settle into life overseas.

It has become more difficult for British citizens to move to Spain after Brexit but it is still possible.

Potential expats will need to apply for a visa from the UK although it is still possible to buy a second home there.

Taiwan came second for quality of life and every expat surveyed was extremely happy with the country’s healthcare.

Expats felt extremely safe in Taiwan and over 75 percent felt that they could openly express themselves.

Taiwan also ranked highly when it came to food and nature with many expats thinking it had a great culinary offering.

However, Taiwan missed out on the top spot as many expats think it’s too polluted and rate the air quality badly.

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