The healthiest country in the world is a ‘beautiful place’ – full list of expat hotspots

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The InterNations Expat Insider survey asked expats around the world to rate their home based on several important factors. When it came to health and wellbeing, one country was a clear winner.

Healthiest countries in the world (InterNations)

  1. Taiwan
  2. South Korea
  3. Austria
  4. Qatar
  5. France
  6. Belgium
  7. Spain
  8. Saudi Arabia
  9. UAE
  10. Japan

Taiwan was ranked as the healthiest country in the world and every expat surveyed thought healthcare was affordable.

Almost nine in 10 expats said they had access to all the healthcare services they needed in Taiwan.

Taiwan’s national health insurance provides universal mandatory health coverage for its citizens.

The Taiwanese health system is built on the belief that everyone deserves access to good healthcare.

Taiwan has a healthy diet and residents have access to plenty of fresh fruit including watermelon.

Meals are nearly always cooked fresh and popular dishes include noodles with chicken, seafood and tofu.

A majority of expats in Taiwan found it an easy country to get around using a bike or on foot.

One British expat said: “I enjoy living in a beautiful place with world-class infrastructure and services.”

An American expat said: “It is less expensive here to enjoy a high-quality, modern standard of living, including healthcare, fitness, food and so on.”

Taiwan is also a very safe country and ranks first in the world when it comes to personal safety and security.

The violent crime rate is very low according to Numbeo while theft and corruption is also low in Taiwan.

The second healthiest country in the world was South Korea while Japan also made the top 10 rankings.

Three Middle Eastern countries were ranked in the top 10, with Qatar in fourth place for healthy lifestyle.

Europe’s healthiest country was Austria but France, Belgium and Spain also scored well when it came to health.

The UK was ranked as the 39th healthiest country while Ireland was rated the least healthy country in the world.

Almost half the expats living in Ireland thought the healthcare was unaffordable while amy thought it was hard to access.

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