The best secret UK destinations have been named – ‘doesn’t get much better’

Prince Charles and Camilla arrive to Isles of Scilly

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Britons may feel they know all the best destinations around the UK. After a summer of staycations, there aren’t many places left off the beaten track that were not explored by thousands of holidaymakers.

But there are still some secret locations most people have not visited.

Looking at social media data, Drench has come up with a list of the best hidden locations around the UK.

The least visited location on the list was Kyoto Gardens in London.

The free attraction is a little slice of Japan right in the heart of the capital.

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The garden was gifted to London by the city of Kyoto in 1991 and has waterfalls, a koi carp pond and stone lanterns.

On Tripadvisor, user Journey with Gem said: “Gem in London, that should definitely be given more credit.”

In second place was St Martin’s Vineyard on the Isles of Scilly.

Wine-loving Britons can head to the vineyard established in 1996 on the Isles of Scilly.

Wine tastings, as well as exploring the wildflower fields and learning about the winemaking process are the highlights of visit to St Martin’s.

A self-guided tour of the vineyard cost £10.

Tripadvisor user N N said: “Grand day out. Marvellous!”

User TiredMum wrote: “Doesn’t get much better than that!”

Third was Yoesden Nature Reserve in High Wycombe.

Free to visit, the reserve is a haven for rare butterflies such as the blue Adonis.

Google Review user Kasia B said: “Fantastic site especially for butterflies.”

In fourth place was Sunbiggin Tarn in Cumbria.

A site of Special Scientific Interest, the destination is a great place to go birdwatching.

On Google Review, Gary Rowley said: “Splendid area, lots of wonderful countryside. Good walking and plenty of wild flowers.”

In fifth place was Eilean na Moine in Scotland.

One of the Harry Potter filming locations, the island is off most tourists’ radar.

Located in Loch Eilt, holidaymakers will need to kayak to the island if they want to explore, or they may see it from the Jacobnite Steam Train.

On Tripadvisor, Matthieu G said: “Stunning loch with pretty little islands that have served to film Harry Potter films! This is literally a hidden gem.”

The UK best secret destinations

1. Kyoto Gardens, London

2. St Martin’s Vineyard, Isles of Scilly 

3. Yoesden Nature Reserve, High Wycombe

4. Sunbiggin Tarn, Cumbria 

5. Eilean na Moine, Scotland

6. Bay of Harris, Outer Hebrides

7. Llyn y Fan Fach, Wales

8. Ross Back Sands, Northumberland

9. Culbone Church, Somerset 

10. Italian Chapel, Orkney, Scotland

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