The best New Zealand escapes for solo travellers

Learning to be alone can be empowering for some, frightening for others.

Sometimes aloneness is thrust upon us, sometimes we seek it out in a desperate escape from the madness of the world around us. Solitude can be a chance to recuperate and reset.

Learning to do things alone and sit with your own company can be challenging, but also empowering and energising. A solo escape might be anything from dining alone at a restaurant and enjoying being an observer of others, to a full-on retreat in the wilderness with nothing but the breeze through the trees and nocturnal animals to keep you company.

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As we endure the current state of uncertainty, there’s something whimsical and inviting about planning an escape away from everyone you know – even more so for those who’ve been in lockdown with others. Unsurprisingly, we’re all a bit more fatigued than usual this year with the current state of the world, which means a solo escape could be just the ticket to rejuvenating our mindsets.

Whatever version of aloneness you choose, there’s beauty in doing things solo – and we’ve gathered some of the best places to give it a go, from high-end luxury to basic wilderness stays. Who says you can’t have a romantic weekend for one?

Maunga Iti, Northland

The term “Maunga Iti” translates to ‘little hills’ in Maori. In this Northland bushland retreat near Tutukaka you will be staying in a luxury tent on top of a hill, with views spanning from forest to coastland.

The set-up at Maunga Iti includes bush tracks to wander and meander as you connect with nature, as well as a freshwater stream and plenty of native birdlife to listen to and watch. Don’t be put off by the idea of being in a tent – this is a luxury option, with an ensuite bathroom, and even an outdoor bath at the front of the deck for some seriously indulgent time to yourself, with nothing but Mother Earth’s creations in front of you.

Relax with a book on the deck or feel the grass between your toes on the lawn surrounding the tent. During the warmer months you can sleep with the tent open to drift off to the sounds of the nocturnal bushlife.

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