The best French city to live in has been named – and it’s neither Paris nor Nice

British expats discuss shop opening times in France

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A study by Meteo Job and Meilleurtaux was published in the French newspaper Le Parisien and lists the best French cities to live in. Looking at job opportunities and the housing market, they ranked 31 French cities.

Britons who wish to relocate to France may be tempted to head straight to the South.

However, the new ranking proves the South of France may be lovely for a holiday, but it’s not the best place to live.

Real estate affordability being one of the criteria for the list, it is no surprise the south didn’t fare well.

The south of the country is generally more expensive than the North, with the exception of Paris.

Big cities such as Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Strasbourg, Toulouse and Nantes all missed out on the top 20.

The unexpected best city to live in was Mulhouse, a city near the Swiss and German borders.

The city is nicknamed “the French Manchester” due to its industrial past.

In an interview with Le Parisien, the authors of the study said Mulhouse was “a little bit out of the way”.

However, it “benefits from proximity to Germany and from a dynamic economy with more job offers than demand for jobs”.

Britons who do not need a job when they relocate may want to move elsewhere, however.

Especially if the weather is one of the reason for their move.

Orléans and Dijon, at number two and three, are cities less than two hours from Paris with great job security.

One of the authors of the study said: “These two cities offer a great quality of life, a comfortable amount of living space and many green areas.”

The best southern France city was Saint-Etienne, but it’s nowhere near the sea.

After the top 20 cities, expats’ favourites such as Aix-en-Provence, Toulouse, Lyon or Nice came near the bottom of the list.

Paris came last, largely due to property prices.

Expats also named the capital as one of the worst places to live anywhere in the world.

Making the bottom three alongside Paris were Nice and Montpellier.

The two southern cities may seem attractive to outsiders but their expensive property market made them some of the worst places to live in France.

The best places to live in France

1. Mulhouse

2. Orléans

3. Dijon

4. Rouen

5. Saint-Etienne

6. Le Mans

7. Limoges

8. Tours

9. Metz

10. Besançon

11. Grenoble

12. Clermont-Ferrand

13. Caen

14. Perpignan

15. Lille

16. Angers

17. Bordeaux

18. Rennes

19. Nimes

20. Reims

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