Tel Aviv covers Peeping Tom changing room mural after Eliat rape

A beach in Tel Aviv has decided to cover a cheeky mural known as the “Peeping Toms” in response to recent outrage and fears it was encouraging sexual harassment.

The decision to erase the mural comes days after an alleged gang rape of a teen at an Israeli resort.

The Toms depicts two young men peering through the window of the beach’s female changing room. It was meant as an homage to a 1972 film Metzitzim or “Peeping”, which was set at the beach. Many residents refer to the stretch of sand as “Metzitzim Beach”, but for a cult film with fond memories – the humour has not aged well.

The authorities in Israel have removed mural known as “peeping toms” from a beach in Tel Aviv in recognition of outcry over suspected gang rape of a teenage girl in Eilat – the mural of two young men peeping into what is the women’s changing room has been there almost 20 years –

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