‘Stunning’ Northumberland town named one of the prettiest in the country – ‘magical’

UK weather: Drone shows Northumberland blanketed in snow

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The UK has many a pretty town Britons can go and visit. Daffodil Hotel has named the most beautiful towns in the country, and one Northumberland town made the top 10.

Alnwick is a market town with plenty to do.

On Silver Travel Advisor, PamWNorth said: “Alnwick, a little town in North Northumberland is one of my favourite places to visit because of its beauty, history range of attractions and wide open spaces.”

Northumberland is home to more castles than any other counties in England.

And Alnwick, of course, has a very special one.

Alnwick Castle the set of Hogwarts during the 2001 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and the 2002 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

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The second largest castle in the UK, Alnwick’s history dates back 950 years.

The castle is no stranger to being on films, and it was features in the first two Harry Potter films, as well as in Transformers, Elizabeth and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

It was also Brancaster Castle in Downtown Abbey Christmas Specials.

On Tripadvisor, Mickpip said: “This place is stunning inside and out and well worth a visit.”

Jeannybeans82 wrote: “Weren’t sure that this trip was for us, however we had a lovely day.

“We found the outside tour interesting, some of it tongue in cheek! State rooms fascinating and stunning.

“An evolving picture, preserving history but modern and interactive for future generations. We spent the whole day there so felt our entrance was good value.

“Recommend a visit regardless of whether you are a Harry Potter fan or not.”

Alnwick, however, isn’t just worth a visit because of its castle.

The beautiful town has cobbled streets and a history that dates back centuries.

Britons who want to dine in an historic setting can go to the RMS Olympic Dining Room.

The White Swan Hotel’s restaurant is made up of the first class lounge from the Olympic, the twin ship to the Titanic.

The setting is almost identical to the ill-fated Titanic’s dining room.

The Alnwick Garden is also worth a stop.

There’s even an Alnwick Poison Garden, which warns visitors “these plants can kill”.

Britons can go to the world’s largest wooden Treehouse Restaurant, built around 16 lime trees.

On Tripadvisor, Louise C said: “The setting is stunning to say the least. Situated on the Alnwick Gardens site. Would I return? In a heartbeat. The Treehouse is magical.”

Britons have been told over and over to “keep calm and carry on”.

If they fancy finding out where the poster craze started, they should visit Barter Books.

The largest secondhand bookshop in Britain is located in an old railway station, and it has something for everyone.

Carol B said: “If you love books, then this is a must for the bucket list.”

Outside Alnwick, tourists can go to Cragside, a Victorian estate in Morpeth.

The National Trust estate was “the original smart home” with hydro power and Victorian gadgets galore.
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