Stunning location with ‘ideal climate’ most searched for second home – full list

A Place In the Sun: Guests call holiday home 'soulless'

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New research from property website Rightmove looked at the most searched for second home locations. The research revealed the beautiful Spanish island Mallorca was the most popular destination.

The stunning island is renowned for its gorgeous coastline, dramatic landscapes and incredible food.

Daniel Arenas Oe, Partner at Mallorca Site, said: “Mallorca’s real estate market is characterized by a huge variety of products; there is something for all tastes and budgets.

“During the pandemic, it was surprising to see that the city of Palma lost little market value compared to other European cities, as a trend toward the countryside and open spaces was expected.

“ With an ideal climate, excellent infrastructure and stable air connections, the island has been possibly the most attractive destination for many international buyers.

“In Mallorca, villages were favoured and are now totally in trend. Now and in the future, one of the key challenges is the access to housing for the local population without restricting the international buyer.

“There are a large number of national and international developers working on very interesting new projects that we believe will be of interest to those thinking of investing in the best island in the Mediterranean.”

Mallorca wasn’t the only popular destination in Spain, with six of the 10 most searched for locations in the country.

The popular tourist region of Costa del Sol also made the top three, as the third most searched for destination.

The sunkissed area is extremely popular with British expats with many choosing to settle around Marbella.

Ibiza, Tenerife, Menorca and Alicante also made the top ten most popular second home locations for Britons.

The Dordogne in France was the second most searched for holiday home location and Brittany also featured in the top 10.

Naxos, a gorgeous island paradise in Greece saw the biggest increase in potential homebuyers this year.

Searches for holiday homes in Naxos jumped by almost 80 percent as Britons looked for a place in the sun.

Barga in Italy also saw a huge increase in interest as almost 70 percent more Britons searched for the destination this year.

Known as the most ‘Scottish town in Italy’ many Italian Scots can trace their roots to Barga.

Skopelos, a beautiful island in Greece, also saw an increase in interest with 36 percent more searches compared to last year.

Funchal, the lively capital of the Portuguese island of Madeira, also saw interest increase by 22 percent.

Alex Solomon, Director of Rightmove Overseas, said: “After a difficult start to the year given the restrictions on travel, we’ve really seen searches and interest for property abroad take off again as these have eased.

“The data really highlights just how much being able to travel again has inspired buyers to search for the life that could be abroad, and we’d expect levels of interest to continue as it becomes easier to travel, and for buyers to view potential homes overseas.”

Top 10 most searched for locations (Rightmove)

  1. Mallorca
  2. Dordogne
  3. Costa del Sol
  4. Brittany
  5. Ibiza
  6. Tenerife
  7. Algarve
  8. Menorca
  9. Normandy
  10. Alicante

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