Student bags entire row to herself on flight thanks to ‘broken seat’

A woman recently managed to get a whole row to herself on a plane when flying on holiday – a perk many of us hope for every time we board.

Usually, when sitting in economy you’re rather uncomfortably sandwiches next to each other especially if you’re in the middle seat.

So when a miracle occurs and the flight is undercooked you’ll sometimes have spare seats around you.

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On long haul flights having an entire row to yourself is a luxury as you can stretch out and get some sleep – it’s almost like sitting in business class (almost).

And, TikTok creator Emmy, @emmyaround, explained that she got the whole row as her private seating area because the chairs next to her were broken, reports the Sun.

Emmy, who is travelling through Europe solo, explained: “Seat next to me is broken aka I get the whole row on the flight".

The young woman, who was on a Virgin flight from Boston to the UK, added: “No I didn't bring the tape but it does look DIY".

She showed herself sitting by the window on her flight to London while the seat next to her was covered in red tape.

The law school student isn’t the only person to luck out on a flight though.

Earlier this year, Kai Forsyth, from Derby, was returning back to the States for university when he had "the weirdest experience" of flying in a plane he said carried no passengers except himself and the crew.

Filming for his @kaiforsyth TikTok back in January, he panned around to show aisle after aisle of empty seats and explained: "The cabin crew said I was the only person onboard the flight."

He then decided to put the armrests down and get comfy with a makeshift bed across four empty seats.

"It was eight hours so I set up a bed. Literally the comfiest I've ever been on a plane," he writes on the screen.

Kai also shows how he was given a wholesale box full of Walkers shortbread biscuits since there was nobody else to cater for.

He was unable to be upgraded to a higher class, but was spoiled nonetheless.

In the comments, people shared similar experiences.

One said: "I remember the flight home from JFK to Gatwick, about 10 people the whole of economy. Was the best flight."

"Omg that was me I kept flying when Covid first ever got announced and there were no restrictions," someone else commented.


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