Staycation price hike: £1,500 for three nights in England – ‘the price is mental!’

Simon Calder offers advice on booking staycations for 2021

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Pre or post-pandemic, the UK is the second most expensive European country to holiday in. The only country that cost more per night in 2019 was Iceland.

The price of a UK holiday may not have changed as much as Britons think, and the pandemic may not be to blame for the supposed “hike”.

But why is a staycation so expensive?

According to Which? the weather and school holidays may be to blame.

Other European countries who have a longer summer season and longer school holidays have demand – and supply – better spread out, which tends to mean prices are less ridiculous.

In the UK, however, the tourism industry has to make the most of two months, if that.

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Which? wrote: “Although average room rates were higher over the course of the year in 2019, UK hotels generally weren’t taking in more money than their European rivals prior to the pandemic.”

Which is of small consolation for Britons who have to fork out large amounts to go on holiday.

One social media user said: “Staycation they said… Have you tried to get a room anywhere and the price hikes.”

Another simply wrote: “The price to have a staycation in the UK is mental.”

On a thread, a holiday in Nice, France, was compared to a staycation.

As can be expected, the price of jetting off across the Channel came on top of a UK holiday.

It all started when someone wrote: “I spent £200 for four nights in Nice (flights + Airbnb, including travel to Cannes and Monaco) but to travel and stay in any part of Cornwall or Lake District, I’m spending £500+? Make it make sense!”

They added: “Although I’d love to visit St Ives, Newquay, Torquay, I don’t want to break the bank to go and see clear water when I can get flown out to Europe and skin out on a white sand beach for half the price.”

Britons flooded the comments with agreement.

One wrote: “She is absolutely correct. £1500 for three nights in the Lake District. That’s before travel, food and activities. Not doing this staycation s**t again until the UK starts behaving.”

And it seemed a few Britons had the same experience as the original poster.

Someone said: “I totally agree! My husband and I paid £350 each for our flights and hotel in Nice for a week during August a few years back. Centerparcs in October for a week is £1500+, it’s absolutely sickening how they (and other hotels etc in the UK) can charge so much.”

Another added: “THIS! You aren’t lying because I’ve also been to Nice for less that price and it wasn’t a holiday. For £500 I can get five luxurious holiday for seven days outside the UK. The UK ‘Staycation’ is an absolute extortion.”

UK holidaymakers are ready to call it on staycations

Someone wrote: “I can wait later this year or even next but the same money will get me to Morocco, Turkey and a little more even further afield. They can keep St Ives and skeggy Margate and Torquay too.”

Another Briton said: “Went to book a week away in Devon last night for two adults and three kids. They wanted £3,457 for seven nights.”


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