Spotify Just Released Its 'Songs of Summer' Playlist

Woman listening to music through headphones in car

Summer wasn’t quite the same in 2020, but we can still listen to the best songs of the season.

Since many people were stuck at home rather than hanging on the beach with their friends due to the coronavirus pandemic this summer, Spotify has created a special “Wish You Were Here” digital experience that will immerse the listener in the season's most popular songs as well as “transport” them to a different place using unique, captivating soundscapes.

Spotify releases its list of “Songs of Summer” every year, and 2020 is no different. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the top summer jams include megahits like DaBaby’s “ROCKSTAR” and Dua Lipa’s “Break My Heart.” The list is compiled based on the 20 most streamed songs between June 1 and Aug. 15. Check out the full list below:

On top of compiling these songs into an easy-to-use playlist, the site’s “Wish You Were Here” experience also takes you to a summery destination by allowing you to listen to the song with an overlay of sounds associated with summer such as crashing waves on a beach, a sizzling barbecue in your backyard, or a crackling campfire. So, it’s like listening to these songs as if you are actually in those locations. It’s not exactly the same as being out and about, but it is a good substitute until travel is safe again.

Listen to the playlist, on its own, on Spotify, or indulge your love of music and your wanderlust by listening on the “Wish You Were Here” Spotify site.

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