Spain holidays: Municipality bans motorhomes – ‘they dump their dirty water on the beach’

Spain holidays: Tour guide explains where to visit

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The Andalucian municipality of Almuñécar has banned motorhomes. The ban is to “stop the collapse of the town’s promenades and beaches at weekends”, local newspaper SUR reports.

Beachfront businesses, opposition parties and residents have made a series of complaints about motorhomes.

Spain is a favourite with British holidaymakers who flock to the country for some sun and beach time.

While many tourists choose to stay in resorts, some may decide to go on a caravan holiday.

Giving the option to discover more of the country and to keep costs down, a caravan holiday in Spain may seem a great idea.

With good weather and plenty of coastlines, a caravan holiday in the sun is attractive for many holidaymakers.

However, one municipality in Andalucia is taking action against road tripping holidaymakers.

Almuñécar has banned holiday vehicles from parking on its roads.

The municipality’s political opposition said there were “47 motorhomes parked in La Herradura last weekend, as well as dozens of vans and caravans in Cotobro, Velilla, Marina del Este, Calabajío and in the area adjacent to the Mediterranean Park”.

Rocío Palacios, a spokesperson for the socialists, said: “There is no local police to monitor this type of vehicle and the worst thing is that there is no will to do so on the part of the municipal government.

“They allow them to camp on the main roads and promenades with total impunity.

“The motorhomes are parked for days, with doors and windows open.

“Their occupants set up with tables and hammocks on the beach or in the area near the vehicle on the promenades.

“They have pets, they dump their dirty water on the beach, they shower, wash and wash the dishes in the public showers. 

“We demand an end to this permissiveness that damages our tourist image and has a high environmental cost.

“Motorhome tourism should be welcome in La Herradura and Almuñécar, but they should be installed on campsites and in public areas.”

Juan José Ruiz Joya, deputy mayor of La Herradura, said: “We are seeing a proliferation of caravans on La Herradura promenade.

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“We have had a meeting with the head of Almuñécar’s local police and have issued an order prohibiting camping and overnight stays.

“In addition, signage will be reinforced in the area.

“We have nothing against this kind of tourism, but we must regulate it so that it is not a nuisance for other residents.”

There are two campsites in La Herradura, which locals say should be used by tourists.

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