Spain holidays: Britons to face heavy fines for ‘drunken’ behaviour in popular destination

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Officials in the Balearic Islands in Spain have said they welcome the UK’s efforts to encourage British tourists to “behave and obey the rules”. Resorts such as Magaluf have struggled with drunken behaviour in the past.

Tourism leaders in the Balearics said that a major priority for 2022 was to make resorts such as Magaluf more family friendly.

They also plan to make the resort of San Antonio on the island of Ibiza more suitable for families.

Officials said bookings from Britons this summer were “looking positive” and they backed a campaign by UK tour operators, airlines and the British Foreign Office to combat drunken tourism.

Tour operators including easyJet holidays have warned British customers of new rules on drinking in the Balearic Islands.

New rules to combat drunken behaviour were introduced in 2020 but are not widely known due to the pandemic.

A tourism spokesperson for the islands said: “British citizens are being reminded that alcohol consumption in all-inclusive hotels in Magaluf, Platja de Palma and Sant Antoni is limited to a specific number of drinks.

“At the same time, they are informed that they will not be able to buy alcohol in stores between 9.30pm and 8am.

“The Balearics’ awareness work is one of the priority objectives for the summer season, which is why there is a follow up of this type of awareness campaign to avoid public order problems in the three tourist areas of the islands where drunken British tourism has been the trend.”

British holidaymakers are also being reminded that they will face heavy fines for balconing in the Balearic islands.

Balconing is when a tourist attempts to jump into the swimming pool from a balcony or to climb from one balcony to another.

It is extremely dangerous and has sadly led to several tragic deaths of Britons holidaying in the Spanish resorts.

Fines will range from between 6,000 euros (£5,000) and 60,000 euros (£50,032) for balconing.

Holiday premises, such as hotels, that fail to comply with the new regulations on advertising drink promotions or pub crawls will also be fined.

The Minister for Tourism in the area, Iago Neguerula, and the United Kingdom Ambassador to Spain, Hugh Elliott said their teams will be “conducting exhaustive follow-ups of this type of awareness campaign.”

Ryanair, easyJet, Jet2 and TUI have all announced an increase in bookings for the summer to Mallorca.

The islands will also crack down on party boat cruises and all you can drink deals to combat drunken behaviour.

Magaluf is attempting to shake its reputation as ‘Shagaluf’ and promote family, culinary and cultural tourism.

Party destinations such as Magaluf and Zante and Malia in Greece have long been popular with British students looking to celebrate the end of exams.

Drunken behaviour including public sex and fighting have upset local residents and hit headlines worldline over the past decade.

Additional reporting by Rita Sobot. 

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