Spa lets guests swim in pool full of wine – and there are nudist areas too

Lots of Brits love a glass of wine and, in fact, we drink around 108 bottles of wine a year on average according to Decanter.

But, while Statista claims wine is second only to beer when it comes to our favourite tipples there are fewer of us who can say they’ve bathed in the stuff.

And, we mean literally, not the way you feel after a heavy night out…

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It seems that one spa in Japan has discovered this as a gap in the market and lets tourists swim, soak and relax inside giant hot tubs filled with vino.

The Yunessun Spa Resort lets you don your swimwear and take a sip – we mean dip – in Merlot or Bordeaux, reports Tyla.

As park of a waterpark-type experience, the spa offers the wine-themed adventure which it claims has anti-ageing properties for the skin.

Reservatol, which is in red wine, can apparently help you to relax and look younger – even Cleopatra was thought to have used this beauty hack.

While your skin is soaking up the boozy bounty you can also enjoy a fresh glass of the good stuff from a massive 12ft bottle mounted on the wall.

You’re not allowed to sip from the wine you’re soaking in so make sure you ask the server to grab you a new glass.

And, the wine pool isn’t the only drinks themed experience at the bizarre spa.

A green tea hot spring can improve circulation while a Japanese Sake pool adds a “comforting aroma” and warms guests as it drips into the space from a barrel.

Plus, a giant coffee is gentle brewed fro hot springs which can “reduce fatigue”.

Guests of the Japanese spa can also explore cave baths and hot springs surrounded by gorgeous views of the Hakone Mountains and Sagami Bay.

The Dragon’s waterfall will blow your mind too…

Those who are less about relaxing can up their adrenaline by sliding down the Rodeo Mountain flumes where you’ll slip past the mountains.

Plus, there’s the Aegean Sea of Gods pool, which showcases an illuminated fountain show alongside bubbles and music.

There’s also an assigned swimwear area and “no clothes area” for those who want to feel truly free.

You can find out more about the spa and costs here.

Drink responsibly. Contact your GP for support if you are struggling with your alcohol consumption or head to for resources.


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