Simon Calder shares ‘incredibly good value’ holiday destination

Simon Calder's hidden holiday destination with prices like the 90s

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Despite the cost of living crisis, around 40 percent of Britons have already booked a holiday for this year according to recent research. Travel expert Simon Calder shared a cheap beach destination with the BBC’s Morning Live team.

Simon showed the team a photo of a stunning beach and asked them to guess where it was. He said the gorgeous beach looked just like the Caribbean.

However, the breathtaking vista can actually be found much closer to the UK and is just a cheap flight away.

Simon said: “It’s Sopot in Poland, on the Polish Riviera. Absolutely beautiful resort, it’s also incredibly good value.

“Prices are back to the 1990s, whatever you’re paying in Spain, Italy, basically halve it. You’ll be paying far, far less for everything and there’s loads of cheap flights.

“It’s not the warmest sea you’re going to have, it’s not the Mediterranean, but on the other hand in July and August, it’s absolutely fantastic.”

Simon said he used to take his family to Sopot for holidays, and the bargain beach spot is just 20 minutes from Gdansk airport.

The travel expert also shared a hack for families looking to save money on a holiday this summer.

He said: “If you are lucky enough to live in the north of England or southern Scotland, it’s very easy, just play cross-border holiday hopscotch.”

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Scottish and English schools break up for the summer holidays at different times meaning savvy families can sometimes catch a flight bargain just by crossing the border.

Simon said: “In the past half hour I checked, going out on July 1, the first Saturday for a lot of Scottish families, if you go on a package holiday to Benidorm, very basic two stars, it’s going to cost £2,800 flying from Edinburgh.

“If you travel from Manchester Airport, you save £1,000 on an identical holiday, you can just start in a different place.”

Meanwhile, Simon recommended camping holidays for families in the south of England or Wales.

The expert said the “easiest thing to do” is to “pack everybody in the car, drive down to the ferry, sail across to France and just go on a camping holiday”.

Package holidays are the best bet for Britons looking for a safe and reliable trip, according to Simon.

He told the BBC: “I’m a huge fan of package holidays. You get fantastic consumer protection, basically, the holiday company has to deliver the trip that you’ve booked and if anything goes wrong, it’s responsible for sorting that out.”

Tourists should check their package holiday is ATOL protected before they book to make sure they have coverage.

The travel expert also warned Britons never to hire a rental car when they’re on holiday this summer.

He said: “Don’t rent a car, you’re letting yourself open to all sorts of problems. Public transport in so many destinations is fantastic.”

Simon added that tourists should watch out for dynamic conversion fees. Britons should always choose to pay in the local currency at an ATM or foreign vendor.

Their own card is likely to give them a much better conversion rate than the rate offered at an ATM or shop.

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