Signature’s Nolan Burris Gives Inspiring Ted Talk on Travel, Compassion, and Coronavirus

Signature Travel Network’s talent development consultant, Nolan Burris, has been working tirelessly to help travel advisors prepare for a bright post-COVID future.

However, in between holding more than 50 one-on-one consultations with travel agency owners and taping training videos, Burris found the time to give a TEDx talk on the topic of compassion.

It is a simple subject but one that can have an enormous impact, according to Burris.

“The Travel industry is not just about people going places,” he said. “It consists of millions of stories, dreams, memories and lives coming together. You cannot separate all of that from compassion.”

Travel, Compassion, and Coronavirus is now on YouTube where viewers can listen to how travel can be a remedy and bring about the most change.

“Nolan’s talent is not that of a typical instructor, in travel or any industry,” said Alex Sharpe, president and CEO of Signature Travel Network. “He teaches our members how to face challenges with enthusiasm for the opportunities they present. His work over the past three months has been critical in preparing our members for success in the post-lockdown world. His TEDx talk was the tonic we all needed to refocus on what is important in our day to day lives, travel and beyond.”

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