Ryanair flights: Airline ‘dumps prices’ by 50 percent to encourage tourists to fly again

Ryanair is hoping to restart more of its flights from July 1 as countries across Europe begin to open their doors to tourists. They are aiming to be back up to 40 percent of its normal flight schedules from July 1. However, Ryanair’s return to the skies depends on whether the UK will be lifting its current travel restrictions and public health measures in airports.


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Current Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advice states that Britons cannot travel abroad unless it is “essential”.

Quarantine rules for anyone arriving in the UK from abroad will also be put in place from June 8, which could further deter Britons from jumping on a flight abroad.

But in order to encourage tourists to fly again, Ryanair is cutting prices by 50 percent compared to last July and August.

This could see some air fares drop to just £16.50 a ticket.

Ryanair’s current average fare price is listed as £33.

Ryanair is hoping to operate 1,000 flights a day from July 1 to countries across the world such as Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal.

The airline is already advertising flights for Portugal and Italy on its website.

One advert says: “Portugal’s open: Fly to Algarve, Lisbon, Porto and more from July 1.”

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The airline is currently offering passengers the chance to fly from Birmingham airport for just £27.99.

Ryanair is also offering customers flights to Spain, Italy, Greece “and more”.

In fact, the airline is offering a one-way flight from London Stansted to Barcelona for just £12.99.

Mr O’Leary confirmed the price cut in an interview with the Mail On Sunday. He said: “So we’re looking at carrying less than half last year’s July passengers at half the fares we charged last July and August.”

He added: “We will dump prices to get people moving again.

“Once we start flying in July, we will sell at whatever price we can to fill as many of those seats as we can.”

Mr O’Leary has also previously slammed the UK’s 14-day quarantine rules.

He thinks most people will just ignore the rules and that they will be quietly dropped” or “formally withdrawn” by the end of June.

He continued: “You can fill up your arrival card as Mickey Mouse, 1 Walt Disney Street, London SW22 – they’ll take the cards and off you go.

“So it’s a complete shambles.

“The Home Office, Border Force and police will all tell you quietly, and off the record, it [quarantine] is completely unimplementable.”

Ryanair has also released information on its new safety and sanitation measures to give its customers peace of mind.

One of the rules among others states that travellers must wear face masks or coverings at all times.

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