Royal travel: The sad reality behind Royal Family tours – ‘I don’t envy them’

The Royal Family’s tours are often jam-packed with events. From charity events to opening ceremonies, the Royal Family’s itinerary is hard to plan. Queen Elizabeth II is the most well-travelled monarch in history.


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Since 1952, she has taken part in 263 official visits abroad.

And although this might sound like the perfect job, the visits can be exhausting.

In fact, according to one royal expert, there is a lot of care taken to make sure royal tours are done on a rotational basis.

Royal expert and now Political Editor at the Daily Telegraph Gordon Rayner explained why the royal family are rotated.

He said: “Care is taken to ensure that such tours are done on a rotational basis, so members of the Royal Family spend time in all regions of the country.”

But Rayner explained that it’s not all that much fun for the Royal Family.

In fact, he admitted he does not envy them for having to do the royal tours.

Rayner added: “Touring the world meeting heads of state and being shown cultural treasures sounds like a wonderful life.

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“Yet I have no envy for the Royal Family.

“Their visits to world-famous sites rarely last more than 40 minutes, and the chances are they will never return.”

The Queen has undertaken 96 state visits.

The other 167 visits during her reign were visits to Commonwealth countries where she is Head of State.

Due to improvements in air travel and technology, the Queen has been able to travel more than her predecessors.

For example, her father King George VI only made three state visits.

Her most visited country is Canada which she has been to 22 times.

The Queen’s last royal visit to the country was in 2010, where she marked the centennial of the founding of the Royal Canadian Navy.

Prince William and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge’s favourite holiday spot is the Caribbean Island of Mustique.

The idyllic island has about 100 luxury villas and there is a no-fly zone over the area, which gives the family privacy.

The island is private and is known for its glorious white beaches.

The island also has several coral reefs and has a population of around 500 to 1,200 depending on the season.

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