Residents of Wuhan pack the streets to celebrate Halloween

Slide 1 of 20: Crowds have poured into an amusement park in Wuhan to attend a Halloween event less than a year after the Chinese city became infamous as the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. Photos show large numbers of people gathering to watch a parade at the Happy Valley Wuhan amusement park on Thursday night.
Slide 2 of 20: Some revelers swapped face masks for spookier options and there was no sign of social distancing as people posed for photos together and queued to see a Halloween show.
Slide 3 of 20: France imposed a second national lockdown starting on Friday as the country's daily deaths from coronavirus reached their highest level since April. President Emmanuel Macron said that people would only be permitted to leave home for essential work or medical reasons. Meanwhile China reported only 47 new cases on Thursday, the majority of which reportedly came from abroad.
Slide 4 of 20: There have been no new cases of community transmission in Wuhan since May, according to Chinese government figures. In recent months, domestic tourism has began slowly trickling back into the city, which is home to more than 11 million people.

Slide 5 of 20: Aside from the vigilant wearing of face masks, life seemed to have largely returned to normal at the Halloween event in Wuhan
Slide 6 of 20: The Happy Valley Wuhan amusement park hosts an annual Halloween event that has hosted daily events well into November in past years.
Slide 7 of 20: Fearsome floats like the one pictured were a big feature of the Halloween parade at the Happy Valley Wuhan amusement park.
Slide 8 of 20: The Halloween events at the Happy Valley amusement park included a number of spooky shows, as well as the float parade.
Slide 9 of 20: Visitors and performers were decked out in their best spooky attire with superheroes, geishas and zombies proving popular costume choices.

Slide 10 of 20: Halloween is not traditionally celebrated as a holiday in China but it has gained popularity in the last two decades as an opportunity to dress up and have fun.
Slide 11 of 20: Always a popular costume, nurses were out in force among the crowds in Wuhan on Thursday night, with many young women opting to adapt the look to become a zombie nurse.
Slide 12 of 20: The costumes may have a risked causing offense this year after at least 23 Chinese healthcare workers died from coronavirus, according to figures released in June by China's National Health Commission but many seemed happy to pose for photos with the ghoulish girls.
Slide 13 of 20: Visitors and performers posed for photos without social distancing in Wuhan. China appears to have largely tamed Covid-19, with the country announcing only 47 new cases on Thursday, the majority of which it said came from abroad.
Slide 14 of 20: In previous years, the Happy Valley Wuhan's amusement park's Halloween offerings have included haunted houses, various performances and a survival horror game. It's not clear if the same array of events were on offer this year.

Slide 15 of 20: Outside of Halloween season, the popular park has rollercoasters, spinning teacups and swing rides, among other attractions. Pictured: A guest sporting a different kind of a face mask at the Halloween celebration.
Slide 16 of 20: Fearsome floats in the Halloween paraded included a demonic version of the traditional Chinese dragon seen in many of the country's festivals.
Slide 17 of 20: The Halloween event was likely a welcome opportunity for Wuhan's residents to celebrate after a dramatic and grueling year. Pictured: A Halloween attraction at the Happy Valley Wuhan amusement park.
Slide 18 of 20: Thursday's scenes are in stark contrast to images of Wuhan's deserted streets and overcrowded hospitals that filled media reports in the first months of the year as the world scrambled to understand the new virus and its effects.
Slide 19 of 20: Visitors queue to attend a Halloween show at the Happy Valley amusement park in Wuhan, China, as part of the site's spooky seasonal offering.
Slide 20 of 20: Wuhan residents got creative with their costumes. Halloween has grown in popularity in China as the country has opened up to Western cultural influences.
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