Queen Elizabeth made everyone wear ‘fake whiskers’ after Prince Philip travelled alone

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Queen Elizabeth has carried out countless royal tours during her long life. These have been taken both alone and with her family. On one occasion it was the turn of Prince Philip to undertake a state visit alone.

During the extensive trip abroad Philip made a major personal change.

And when he returned, his wife mocked him for it.

In 1965 the Duke of Edinburgh travelled in the Royal Yacht Britannia on a voyage around the Commonwealth.

The journey took him to Australia, New Guinea and Antarctica, to name a few.

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The Prince was away from his wife for a whopping five months.

He made the most of this opportunity to grow a beard.

When Philip eventually returned, the Queen decided to play a prank following his hair growth.

Royal expert and author Robert Hardman shared the insight in his book Queen of the World.

When husband and wife were reunited it was comedy that won out rather than romance, according to the writer.

The monarch is said to have decided to poke fun at her hirsute spouse by donning fake facial hair.

What’s more, she encouraged everyone else to do the same.

“It was a comedy moment when the Queen and Duke were finally reunited,” Hardman wrote in his book.

“Knowing that he had grown a beard on his travels, the Queen had arranged for everyone in the royal entourage – herself included – to put on fake whiskers just before the Duke walked in.”

Philip appeared with whiskers on more than occasion in the 40s and 50s but has been hair-free since.

His grandson, Prince Harry, 36, has sported a beard in recent years, with many drawing a comparison between the two male royals.

The Commonwealth visit saw Prince Philip spending Christmas away from his loved ones.

However, he managed to transmit a royal broadcast on Christmas Day from his remote location.

The Royal Family website details: “On Christmas Day in 1956 The Duke of Edinburgh was away from home on a voyage around the Commonwealth on Britannia.

“Prince Philip spoke on the radio from the Royal yacht before The Queen made her broadcast live from her study in Sandringham, Norfolk.”

Elizabeth went on to say in her speech: “You will understand me… when I tell you that of all the voices we have heard this afternoon none has given my children and myself greater joy than that of my husband.”

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