Police say British holidayers are ‘fair skinned, chubby & can’t drink’

Many British tourists are flocking to the Sunny Beach resort in Bulgaria for a summer of partying. However, local police have a lot to say about their holiday behaviour.

Sunny Beach appears to be the perfect destination for holidaymakers looking for a wild time.

It promises all-you-can-drink nights out for just £26 and beers priced at an astonishing 80p, as reported by the Daily Star, so it’s no wonder Britons flock there in their hundreds of thousands for cheap booze-filled vacations.

Sunny Beach is known for its wild nights, with people downing Viagra shots and having sex in nightclubs, according to the Daily Star.

For those curious about the crazy party destination, E4’s new six-part documentary series, Emergency On Sunny Beach should answer any questions.

On the show, local police woman Desislava Goranova told viewers: “In my view the usual British tourist looks like this – fair skin, a bit chubby and wearing as little clothing as possible, always very loud and covered in tattoos.”

Comparing British tourists to other nationalities, she said the Brits are “always very loud and jolly”.

Policeman Emil Tonchev added that British tourists cannot handle their alcohol like the locals. He said: “The British people cause the most problems because they can’t drink.”

According to the policeman, the difference between Brits and the locals is that Britons drink beer whilst Bulgarians drink brandy – “we get sober by drinking beer”.

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But Sunny Beach is not just for drinking and losing all decorum, according to Desislava. She called the resort one which boasts “two extremes” – aside from the “criminals”, “drunk people” and “people on drugs”, there is a “stunning beach” and “beautiful nature” to enjoy.

The daytime appears to be for relaxing and enjoying the beach, whereas the night sees “people with loose morals” emerging onto the streets to go clubbing.

But despite their raucous behaviour, tourists aren’t too bothered about British tourists. In fact, they welcome them as they bring both money and fun with them.

Taxi driver Ilea said: “The British tourists are a must here because, without them, Sunny Beach is not the same.

“We’ve had two years of Covid without British tourists and Sunny Beach was boring.”

He added that British tourists are typically “nice and polite” to locals when on their holidays.

Channel 4 is taking a deep-dive into British tourism in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, as the population swells from 25,000 to 600,000 over the summer season.

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Channel 4 said: “In this unique 6×60’ new series, produced by Parable, E4 will take a fresh perspective on party tourism – by viewing the season through the all-knowing eyes of the Bulgarian emergency services and frontline workers as they attempt to keep Sunny Beach’s thriving tourist scene operating smoothly.

“What do these brave workers think of us Brits and how we choose to party and holiday, and what can we learn about ourselves through their unique perspective?

“With exclusive access to the police, medical and fire services, this eye-opening series reveals the dizzying day-to-day reality of Sunny Beach in high season for the hard-working local teams during this frenzied period.

“What are these unpredictable, 24/7 jobs in this party-fuelled resort like, when the partying is just a bit too hard?”
The first episode of Emergency On Sunny Beach will air on E4 on Wednesday April 12 at 9pm.

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