Plus sized influencers share ‘humiliating’ treatment on planes from passengers

There are plenty of unfortunate events that can happen while on holiday – from lost baggage to cancelled flights.

But, two plus sized travellers have spoken about the worst things that trouble them while going abroad.

And, it seems that shame and nasty attitudes from fellow plane passengers can have a terrible affect on their trips.

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Writing for Tyla, popular plus size travel blogger Kirsty Leanne wrote about one horrible experience on a flight to the Balearic Islands when a passenger was unhappy to be seated next to her.

The Instagram influencer, who has 26,600 followers, @kirstyleannetravels, often shares her experience of travelling as a larger person.

She explained that when flying to Mallorca she was sat next to a much smaller woman.

Kirsty wrote: “No sooner had my bum touched the cushion than she started loudly huffing and puffing, making it abundantly clear that she was uncomfortable with the lack of space we both had.”

To try and remedy the situation, the influencer lifted the arm rests up after take off to try and make extra space.

But, the woman slammed it down – hurting Kirsty’s thighs – and moaned to her friend about sitting next to the plus sized blogger saying: “I can’t sit next to her anymore".

Kirsty said: “I felt humiliated and spent the rest of the flight pushing myself as far up against the window as I possibly could, for fear she’d say something else.”

And, Kirsty isn’t the only curvy influencer to experience the uncomfortable situation while on a plane.

Veela Papinoja explained that she’d had a similar event happen to her while flying to Italy on a small plane.

She said: “I had the window seat and a very lean Italian gentleman sat next to me looking irritated and rolling his eyes.

“I heard him speak to the cabin crew, but luckily didn't speak Italian [so couldn’t understand him].

“Eventually, he changed to sit next to someone else.”

Veela said that she felt humiliated and worried that the same thing would happen again.

Previously, Kirsty has called for airlines to do more for people with plus sized bodies.

In a TikTok video, the 29-year-old showed her flight from London Stansted Airport to Hamburg, Germany with Ryanair.

The clip garnered 1.9million views and over 6,000 followers.

She captioned the video: “Flying Ryanair with no upgrades.”

Kirsty then documents the process by showing the seat she is assigned, how much legroom she had and having to ask for a seatbelt extender.

The travel blogger was sat next to an empty seat to moved herself over to the aisle.

However she then showed that the tray table was a “big fat no” as it got stuck on her stomach and couldn’t sit fully flat.

Kirsty then documented that bathrooms were “also a no go” and she didn’t use it as it was too small so she waited until she got to the airport.

In the comments, Kirsty added some extra context and said: “I do think airlines should do more to be accessible for plus size people.

“That doesn’t mean I’m blaming them for me being fat. It’s pretty simple.”


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