Plane passengers panic and scream in terror as window ‘cracks’ mid-flight

A passenger captured the moment panic-ensued onboard a Polish Airlines plane after a window appeared to crack mid-flight.

TikTok user Tristan (@degenerate.destroyer2) was on board a recent Boeing 787 LOT Polish Airlines flight from Warsaw, Poland to New York’s JFK Airport, when cracks appeared in several places on the window while they were in the air.

Passengers in the row scrambled from their seats to assume safety as everyone on board began freaking out, and some were heard screaming.

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In the video, flight attendants were heard asking passengers to immediately take their seats while they informed the pilots of the situation.

The footage, which received more than 8.4million views, was captioned: "Throwback to when our plane window cracked on Polish Airlines and everyone freaked the f*** out."

It has been reported in the Aviation Herald that the incident on board the Boeing 787-8 took place on August 20.

Reports claim the plane was around 10,000ft in the air and “about 300km northeast of New York when one of the passenger windows cracked”.

However, the pilots managed to safely land in New York and was on the ground for five hours as the window was replaced before undertaking their return flight to Warsaw.

A LOT Polish spokesperson said the electro photochromic layer was damaged.

But the tightness of the window was intact and there was no threat to passengers on board at any time.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner’s passenger windows have electric dim settings so windows can be dimmed or ‘opened’ at the touch of a button rather than having to open or close a window shade manually.

According to FAA regulations, a window has to be able to withstand pressure at least 33% greater than the pressure outside.

That means the window can withstand at least another 378 lbs of force.


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